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    Hi guys, looking for a WE MSK CQB outer barrel for the gbb version, new or used so long as it's not too damaged. I don't need the hop unit or the inner barrel in the photo, just the outer barrel. PM me and make me an offer, I won't be offended if you don't like the price. Thanks in advance



  2. Hi all, just wondering where I can get smart shells or xpower shells for the APS CAM870 mk3, I've found some on amazon and zeroone airsoft but just wondering if anyone knows a better website for both shells and other general accessories for the rif. Thanks in advance

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    Hi all, I'm looking for some cam870 mk3 smart shells or xpower shells. Also pm me if you have any accessories for the cam870 as I'm also looking for general upgrades/accessories. PM me with a price. Thanks


    London - GB

  4. Time Left: 2 days and 6 hours

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    Hi there, looking for an aps cam870 MK1 or MK3, the gas in shells versions. I don't mind what model (as in wood stock, police model etc) so long as it is a full length shotgun style, but I would prefer the SAI version. For pricing, make me an offer based on model, condition and extra stuff included Thanks



  5. Kastrioti


    Make/brand: Socom Gear SOF M9A1 Any accessories included: Moulded Holster, suppressor adaptor, maybe original suppressor as well Hi all just wondering how much this GBB is worth. As you can see it looks pretty battered, and I have used it for 5 skirmishes in the past. It fared pretty well in both autumn and spring but like most GBB pistols it's safe to say this is not a winter gun. The mag is not 100% gas tight, and as you can see in the image of the slide separated from the frame, this has been visited by the paint fairy before. I could include the original suppressor which has trades 'Gemtech, Boise ID, (serial number), Trinity 9mm' but only for an increase in price as it is pretty nice in my opinion. It fires very well as the gas issues in the mag are not at all drastic, theres just a small bubbly sound when you press your ear to the valve, but during the course of a game you may run out. It fires at around 345fps last time I checked but as will all GBBs this is temperature dependent. Other than that, I think the trades look great, it has a decent kick when using abbey predator vertex, it is all metal other than the plastic side grips of course, and it sounds great when you fire it and rack the slide. Pictures Below. Pictures:
  6. Make/brand: Dboys Shell Ejecting Kar98k Any accessories included: All 5 used original shells and 2 unused extra shells (if I can find them) Hi all, I've done some work on this RIF and was wondering what it would be worth if I put it up for sale. This is the plastic stock version, and I have roughed the paint up and used wood varnish to make it look more antiqued and realistic as seen in the pictures below. I have also taken out the original two piece barrel and put in a tm vsr style 6.05 barrel, but I am yet to add a hop up to it. This means that the gun shoots very very poorly. it shoots only about 10m before it starts to dip, and it shoots between 200 and 206fps with every shell. Also one of the shells is unusable as once you put a bb in, it is almost impossible to take it out. Obviously this doesn't sound great, but I think as a wall hanger it does look nice. I'm not set on letting it go, so please let me know if adding a hop unit (or a fixed hop up seems more likely) and a stronger spring would increase the price significantly. Thanks! P.S. the shell ejection still works fine with all the shells. Pictures:
  7. Wow genuinely impressed with all the info and advice given. Since I know next to nothing about AEGs I might have a look inside but I'll likely end up sending it to a tech to have a look at it. Thanks everyone! 🙏🙏
  8. Might be a coincidence but after lowering the motor height things seem to be working. Are the trigger contacts in any way in contact with the shaft of the motor that could be causing them to be affected by it? Will torture test tomorrow.
  9. Ok so just tested it on my 9.9V Life battery and there are absolutely no issues on full auto. If anything it sounds really healthy. However, as soon as I switch to semi it shoots very weirdly. I'll record it at some point but essentially if you hold the trigger down for just a bit too long on semi, it fires 2 or 3 times instead of once, but at a much slower fire rate than in full auto. It sounds really really bad and if you do this enough the motor heats up and you get that sort of solder smell going on. I'm gonna mess with the motor height and see if that's it, but unlikely to be that simple.
  10. Somehow I missed this comment, I haven't installed one myself and as far as I can tell it doesn't come with one factory installed so I guess not. But it does come with a high torque motor so could I have messed it up by using a 7.4V instead of a 11.1V?
  11. Yeah so it just keeps firing on auto when I pull the trigger once and let go on semi is what I meant by that, same for when it's on auto. It doesn't do that consistently either as sometimes it will stop and only fire semi on semi, and auto on auto.
  12. Hi all, as the title suggests my E&L akm fires auto on semi sometimes. I've noticed that it usually starts off ok, but after a while there's a strong electrical burning smell followed by the gun firing on it's own on semi, and the grip gets really warm. I've been using a VPairsoft 7.4v LIPO, but it also does this with a 9.6V NiMh that I used just to check. I've had the gun for over a year now so it's likely out of warranty but it's been doing this for a while, I just couldn't be bothered to fix it/get it fixed as I was at uni. Does anyone know what the problem could be? I've messed a bit with motor height in the past and that's helped, but usually I have to lower it so much that the pistol grip becomes a bit wobbly. I am relatively inexperienced with AEGs so if this problem requires a tech can anyone suggest a good tech near west london? Thanks
  13. Hi all, I've been having trouble fitting the ASG recommended 9.9V life battery inside my scorpion evo. I've done it enough times now where it doesn't take too long, but all my batteries are getting scratched by the metal casing when I insert the battery/remove it. Has anyone had any luck finding a peq box that will fit these batteries. I've provided a link just in case. https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/asg-9-9v-1000mah-20c-life-crane-stock-battery If anyone knows of a solution that doesn't involve a peq box or just gaffer taping my batteries to the handguard please do let me know. It's the shorty cqb scorpion evo.
  14. My only worry with steel BBs is if they'll scratch my barrel or may be too heavy but since they're seemingly cheaper than ceramics they may be worth trying. I'm planning on using my srs with a r-hop patch and a m170 for target shooting but might need to get a heavier piston to squeeze out more energy at higher BB weights. Especially with the steel BBs I don't think a tight-bore would be a good idea for this set-up, but idk if the stock barrel is brass (more likely) or steel. Also curious to know how smooth steel BBs are compared to ceramic and even plastic ones at that.
  15. Yeah I did a search before posting here but wanted specifically UK retailers but somehow I missed the first link you posted. They're a bit expensive but thanks and hopefully someone else knows where I can get them cheaper, though I don't suppose they'll be *much* cheaper
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