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  1. Let's say if I get lower, upper handguard and barrel nut, would that fix the wobbling ?
  2. Hi there, I have a Magpul PTS RM4 ERG with the recoil. I have attached picture with numbers to better explain the problem. Number 1 and 2 what are the part names for that part? Mine is broken (next to the rail, glued with the super glue now, so I can use the hand grip) and the current one is the plastic, any ideas where to buy online? Number 3. Is there any way how to fix, so isn't wobbling? How do I fix it and what should I get for that? Maybe if I get new number 1 and 2 then it would stop? Regards
  3. I assume any m4 high-cap mag will fit then? here are a few sound hogs, have you ever tried them and have your opinion 1. Mad Bull Noveske 2. Element NOV flash hider Sound Amplifier "Fire Pig" 3. Nuprol Copperhead Flash Hider 14mm CCW-Black not sure if this is fake or what, but the sound is amazing and almost as real, but it seems they haven't made the product yet - Where did you read about RM4 that it allows 11.1 (without breaking everything in the long term)
  4. I've bought m4 with recoil. It works fine. I have couple questions. Can I use simple mags for magpul rm4 ? There are two different types of high caps. One of the ways how to wind is to use Pull Cord Black mag and then simple winding technique. Which type would you suggest? I have used simple one but never the Pull Cord Black , is it easier? Do you wind once? How do I make my gun sound louder ? What ends would you suggest or not to suggest? Different websites suggested using different V lipo's. Currently, I run 7.4V can I go up to 8.4 V ? Do you use specific cleaning tools specially made for airsoft barrel ? Regards
  5. So (some slate it for having a bad air-seal) it affects fps ?
  6. thanks for your reply. What's is your thoughts of (kwa) pts syndicate m4 ?
  7. I play all year around... so gas gun isn't great during winter? (you mean UK winter or rest of the north Europe winter)? i would say 300-400 £ for the gun. Mags not sure.. it depends on?
  8. Too many options , electric , gas... not sure what to get know..
  9. your thoughts on this gun ? BOLT - B4 Devgru - (BRSS Recoil)
  10. Hi there, Could you suggest me what gun should I buy so I can get recoil ? I have heard gas guns have good recoil but they aren't great during winter.. so what kind of electric gun you would suggest buying ? I tried both gas and electric recoil guns both of them are great fun. Currently I am using g36c (without any recoil) Regards
  11. My friend will downgrade gun to 350fps which I have read is the maximum allowed in Scotland. And also I am now filling DFDS ferry given weapon form. I don't know what to put in some of the questions they ask. I will just copy from different sections 1. Bolts Removed? 2. Weapons Broken Down? 3.Ammunition (type) 4.Quantity of Cartridges/Rounds 5.Gun Licence Held European? 6.Gun Licence Held UK? and then I have to explain briefly - Reason for Carriage of Weapons/Ammunition? any ideas?
  12. It is because I am using a ferry not airplane. and also if one of the airsoft sites provides me with proof that I will play in their field and I will use gun only for my self, would be that enough for customs as ''defense'' ?
  13. not sure.. its just made in china - G36c and also I have read ''Travelling to the UK'' if you read below, it says - realistic imitation firearms can only be imported for authorized purpose... Firearms, explosives and ammunition including blank firing or replica firearms that can be converted to fire bullets. Realistic imitation firearms can only be imported for an authorised purpose or function such as participating at an historical re-enactment.
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