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  1. From my personal experience I would say avoid the asg b&t mp5. I bought it a few months ago and it feels very cheap and has already broken on me, something about the trigger contact. I know they are cheap starter guns anyway so haters don't hate but I'm just saying in my opinion if your budget is around £130 I'd personally cross this one off your list.
  2. Oops sorry sacarathe, didn't notice you already said this
  3. Don't take this the wrong way but have you tried "tightening" the flash hider? As the thread is opposite. Only thought I'd mention that as every time I put my tracer on my aeg I always forget and keep turning it clockwise thinking "why isn't this goin on!?! Haha
  4. So the only thing that I haven't done that I'm fully aware will increase the groupings, range and accuracy etc is the hip up unit (rubber and bucking etc) so my q is which hop up parts do people recommend for an ics as a direct replacement rather than the whole need to modify to fit route. Basically I would just like to know what items I need to buy, for example if people said a purple guarder and blah blah bucking etc so I can get exactly what I know will fit. Thanks again for all the help guys
  5. Hey guys. Thanks to all of you for the replies. I have been flat out with work recently sosorey for the lack of replies. I totally get about everyone saying don't try to hit the 350fps site limit now that it's been said. So to clear up what my aim is, I am going to buy a second gearbox from fire-support that comes as stock with a 120 Spring. I've bought an ics turbo 3000 motor so as far as I've managed to find out (Google) it should be the same setup as a stock metal proline cxp. Apparently the only difference between sportline and proline is a proline has the turbo motor and s 120 Spring. I know this will obv put me over the site limit so I have a 100 Spring and an ics POM piston set (I believe the same stock piston for the proline version as I've read that the clear/white Pistons are best replacing). With this setup I can make sure it's a brand new 100 Spring in the standard gearbox but when I use it for outside events I can swap out for the 120 upper gearbox.
  6. Hi guys, I am fairly new to this sport but I have done a ton of research on how things work, upgrading, guns etc and I decided to buy two ics guns. I have a sportline ics cxp-160 and an ics APE. Before I ask some qs please don't tell me to google because I have spent aaaaages doing exactly that but my questions are a bit too specific to find any sure answers. Right: Question time! My cxp at my last game chrono'd at 310 +/-5 so my aim for this gun is to get it firing closer BUT STILL UNDER the 350fps mark due to site limitations for cqb events. I have removed the upper gearbox and familiarised myself with how it all works and I'm assuming a NEW m100 Spring, TBB and upgraded hop rubber, piston (I've read their stock Pistons aren't the best) and bucking will achieve this so my question is what make of these parts should I get? I'm not asking for opinions on different brands I'm asking actual specific parts so I can guarantee I'll get the right part. Eg: people say a guarder piston is good but is it just a case of buying a guarder piston for an m4? Or is there a specific one that will fit? I suppose the only people that can answe these qs are people who have done it or own an ics. I'll post the other q in another thread or this will be a real essay to read haha. Thanks guys
  7. Nice! What ics models you got mate? Mine is an ics-160 plastic version
  8. Cheers for the great info Gunman! Im hoping the gun would be OK for a few months with stock parts before I start upgrading internals as I want to familiarise myself with the thing before I start upgrading and also need to wait until payday before shelling out more dolla lol
  9. Awesome mate. Thanks for the advice. Once I've had the gun for a bit and gotten used to it and stuff I'll def be looking into some upgrades like yourself
  10. Sweet mate. Mine arrives on Friday! Well excited. I've got all me attachments that I want ready n waiting to go on!
  11. I was actually going to buy it from them but they've "apparently" gone up in price if you email them which is BS in my opinion. A company shouldn't be allowed to up a price until the website has been updated. If I hadn't have emailed them and just paid on site... I bought one from fire-support now. Gna be here next Friday! Well excited! Only issue is they ONLY two tone guns in red!? Whyyy??? Lol
  12. http://www.surplusstore.co.uk/ics-cxp-concept.html So this is the exact model I'm gettin guys. Does anyone else have this model and does anyone know if the magazine compatibility issue is the same with this model? Just want to be sure before getting any
  13. Nice slick. How did the hop unit crack? Did you have it long before that happened? Funnily enough I was too interested in possibly getting a 6.03 mad u'll longer inner barrel (bout 100mm longer) and a short supressor to hide it. Could you tell me where you got the upgrade parts and what they were?
  14. Ahh cheers Hibernator. Funnily enough I just asked Mos this exact question haha.
  15. I read your review and that mag issue sounds like a right Arse! Mine is a Ics-160, I don't know if they suffer with the same issue though?
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