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  1. Thanks Baz! That looks like it's absolutely perfect for what I'm looking for. Have you been there?
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. Just to clarify though I'm not really unsure of what gun I want, I do like everything about the ics cxp. I was more asking about if there are any real people (rather than just online review) that can give me solid feedback on if there are any major bad points to this model so I should steer clear, if not then that will definitely be the gun I'll choose just because it's the one that jumps out at me both in specs and appearance and I have spent ALOT of time looking lol. I'm mainly concerned about the Angel custom ap10 conversion Incase I buy it and it doesn't fit or fits but is a bit dodgy on this particular model. Thanks to everyone for their replies though. It's great to know people out there do care
  3. The krytac is nice but I prefer the overall look of the cxp and given the price difference I wouldn't really want to pay the extra to decide I liked the stock cxp more
  4. Hi everyone. Firstly I'm new here so be gentle I've been big into airsoft for years and I'm finally in a position time and money wise to actually start putting my ideas into play. I saw a review on YouTube ( ) for a G&G Firehawk and it sounded pretty decent but it looks like all the other m4s out there until 3min30 into the video where the guy shows it with his mods and i love the look of it! It looks perfect for cqc (apart from the outer barrel, I would have left it longer personally). So taking from this I want to do something similar with an ICS CXP as a base for my ideal cqc gun because I don't much like the look of the firehawk . I have searched everywhere on google but to no avail so my questions are: The ANGEL AP10 magwell conversion: It says on their website for m4/m16s but is this irregardless of brand? Will it fit an ics cxp? Same with the mp5 mags that I will need to purchase, will any brand fit? (I know this seems like an impossible question to answer so I'm hoping that someone may have already done it that may be able to give me some insight to this one). My second question is am I going to struggle obtaining parts for this gun, both visual (outer barrel/suppressor/different stocks) and internal (for future upgrades). Google has proved useless for me at finding many things in the form of upgrading ANY ICS gun And because of the short name of the gun I don't think the search box on this forum likes it either because I haven't found anything. And my last question which is hopefully just for peace of mind as I have done a fair bit of research and review reading but is there anyone here who swears by the ICS CXP for reliability and functionality of this gun or anything bad that I should be aware of? Thanks for your time guys
  5. Thank you mate you don't need to do all that on my account but it is appreciated. I have searched on Google and although a lot of companies come up in Kent I've only found one so far that does an indoor cqb but it's a "pistols only" event and they only do these events in summer but I will keep up the hunt
  6. Thank you bencupra. Bush valley, will do. I'm havin a bit of trouble finding a nice cqb skirmish in Kent to start with tho. Doll an anyone recommend any decent indoor cqb events that aren't too harsh on newbies haha
  7. Hey guys. Thanks for the add. I'm 29, from Kent and looking to get into airsoft as a hobby following a great paintball weekend last week. I loved it but I felt that airsoft would be better for me as I prefer the idea of choosing a class and a play style that suits me personally (assault, support, cqc etc) as the only thing I felt paintball lacked was the choice of roles as everyone had the same markers so sniping seems a bit pointless. I have had many airsoft guns in my time and I know what I'd like as my load out when I get enough money together as I have spent a lot of time and research into it. I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself and also possibly find some likeminded people like myself to maybe go to a few games with first before buying any guns, equip etc. I'm looking at going to apocalypse airsoft in sittingbourne hopefully soon so if anyone else is new and are going it would be nice to get to know some of you and have a laugh. Thanks Scott.
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