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  1. Followed this video but it is a bit different as i cant get the front outer barrel assembly off.
  2. I'm trying to take apart my dboys AKS74U to replace the bucking and nub but having some problems with disassembly, so far I have the muzzle, the bolt lever, selector switch/lever, and the spring holding the top dust cover off. Not sure where to go from here to get to the bucking and nub as I'm new to this and I can't find a video with the exact model of the gun to follow..
  3. ProfJosh_


    Thats pretty much airsoft though right?
  4. ProfJosh_


    Cool! Might run up to the shop and grab some anyway.
  5. ProfJosh_


    So...... yeah? hahah
  6. ProfJosh_


    I want to replace my bucking but I forgot to order silicone lube. This is a serious question. Can I use silicone based sex lube instead? If anyone is wondering its Ann Summers booty relax lube....
  7. Why would you change the to dean? (Dont undertand the battery stuff ha) And what bucking, nub and barrel would you suggest?
  8. I have bought the D-BOYS AKS74U (http://www.tacticalairsoftshop.co.uk/dboys-ak-74u-1648-p.asp) What would you guys recommend to upgrade? Came today and is my first decent gun. Lovely gun! Thanks a lot! Josh
  9. ProfJosh_

    High cap

    My SRC high cap mag will not feed? any advice??
  10. Thanks a lot for the help! Now just to decide on what AK? If you have a recommendation feel free to link me! thanks a lot!
  11. Okay brilliant! What would you recommend? An AK or m4? If you had to choose?
  12. Awesome! I would love a rail to fit on the top so I could attach a red dot sight? Opinion on this? http://www.tacticalairsoftshop.co.uk/cyma-ak-sports-line-metal-gearbox-cyma-cm028-202-p.asp
  13. Brilliant! Oddly the two guns i was looking at. I was also looking at the dboy ak74u ( http://www.tacticalairsoftshop.co.uk/dboys-ak-74u-1648-p.asp ). Would you recommend it? Also I would like to add a rail to it as well as buy an extra mag but was wondering what would fit? Thanks
  14. Looking for an AEG that is no more than 350 fps, preferably around 330. Would like an AK style preferably but I am open to M4 style.
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