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  1. Deano96

    Flat hop.

    Does anyone know where to buy a Flat hop bucking? Everywhere I thought of has sold out.
  2. Deano96


    Does anyone no what the SHS Motor, Short (strong mag) is like? Would like to no peoples opinions ..
  3. You did mate thank you sooo much
  4. The connectors on the upper receiver had moved and wasn't in the correct position
  5. That is great help Thank you....👍
  6. So i own an ICS L85A2 and for whatever reason it isn't firing....When I pull the trigger all it does is make a clicky noise and doesnt fire? Was hoping someone on here has any suggestions?
  7. I have an ICS L85A2 which I am thinking of upgrading the cylinder head and hop rubber and was wondering what people suggest on getting?
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