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  1. their videos don't really offer a lot of information about the gun
  2. Well when I get ukara I will be purchasing a G&G Gr-25 where I will be getting it have it in stock for £366 i would like to know if you have this gun if you have ran into any problems while using this gun because I want to know if I will be getting my money's worth of if I buy this Also be free to tell me what you run on your own gr25 I have also seen in the market a Usmc Sam-r from g&p and would like to know what are the difference between the 2 guns Sorry for the bad grammar
  3. TheSpectre

    Ukara Form

    I'm getting a new form filled in this weekend and I will send it to fire support this time. I have also been told to get BAC instead and was wondering what the difference between the two memberships are?
  4. TheSpectre

    Ukara Form

    then what would the problem if a retailer haven't received the form after 2 weeks of sending it out to the.
  5. TheSpectre

    Ukara Form

    What do we do if my ukara form has been lost in the mail because Land warrior Airsoft said they hadn't received the form yet. But how's that possible I sent it 2 weeks ago and by 1st class postage.
  6. The gu a has a large tamiya connector and I where ever I look they're out of stock on the type of battery I'm look for and it seem most lipo run a mini tamiya adaptor so I'm kinda stuck on what to do
  7. TheSpectre

    Ukara Form

    I got In contact with LWA and was told they haven't received the form yet
  8. TheSpectre

    Ukara Form

    well I haven't been added yet I take it
  9. So I'm going to purchase a G&G sr25 but I need a battery(lipo) Iv been warned not to use a battery with a overly high discharge as it can lock up the semi
  10. TheSpectre

    Ukara Form

    I have sent off my form. How long will it take for them to either email my ukara number or mail it to me
  11. I'm looking to buy a high quality kryptek mandrake tactical vest
  12. TheSpectre

    Ukara Form

    I just got my ukara form back and I was told to send it out but I don't know where to send it I would check the ukara site but for some reason the website appeares to have just shut down
  13. I just refilled them to see but there seems to be no hissing sound
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