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  1. I'm not in a rush to have the mosfet
  2. Yeah that's a little too expensive for me @Duck I don't have the deans And to put the price of your linked website into perspective, £49.75 = $75.10 (I paid $57)
  3. There's a pretty good series by GI on how to set up your BW mosfet: I can imagine the mosfet will never perfectly count the shots fired as it does not have a BB sensor (it just makes an estimation), but it should do the job. And thanks for the tips, I'll just send them an email about the 3rd version and check if it is real steel ROF only. EDIT: never mind, it has all the same features (source: http://www.aegwizard.com/Home_Page.php)
  4. Duck, that's exactly what I want to do - make the mosfet "count" up to 40 shots and then simulate a reload, I'll know I have to reload when it stops firing. That way I can reload 80rd cap magazines twice without ever having to dry-fire. Do you use the BW mosfet? If so which version? I want to buy the version 3 but I'm scared it will only allow me to fire with the ROF of a real steel gun.
  5. My question is if a version 3 can work the exact same as a version 2, with just some added features. I'd like to use the BB count on auto mode (version 2 only counts semi), but I don't like the real steel ROF function on the version 3, and I wanted to know if that can be disabled.
  6. Hey guys, so I've been looking at mosfets, and I love Burst Wizards mosfets! Website where I found them: http://www.aegwizard.com/Order_Burst_Wizard.html The version 3 is the "real steel" version 100% Milsim. Does anyone know if this means that the version 2 has any functions the version 3 doesn't have? Like would you be unable to increase your ROF like you could with the 2nd version? I'm a bit confused on which version to pick. The fact that version 3 is able to count how many BBs you shot in full auto is very appealing, but I don't want to be only able to fire with the ROF of real steel guns...
  7. My fish (well our fish, there are four owners) is called Chili.
  8. @ Duck I'll have to find out if that makes the gun legal. I don't know if a mosfet is sufficient EDIT It is not. Welp I'm just going to avoid Germany. The law makes it almost impossible to play there unless buy a replica in their country or yours is below 0.5J.
  9. So just to be clear (sorry for being a total noob), the selector plate is located in my lower receiver then?
  10. I'd prefer to being able to set it back to all functions after the skirm - auto is allowed in my own country A programmable fet does sount most appealing as it wouldn't really leave any traces when I revert it to all functions. And Rock you realize the gearbox and the actual gears (the wheel things) are separated in my ICS? That will probably make a difference And I'm going to find out of the fet would be sufficient to pass the test. Thanks a lot for the tips! P.S. TriggerHappy, grats on your 1337th post
  11. Rock do you have any post/tutorial on how to do that? I'm completely new to the internal world of airsoft replica's...
  12. Sounds like a good solution, but I'm sorry drill a whole where, and tab what exactly?
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