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  1. Sorry for the late response, turns out my barrel has fine air seal and the flat nub was rubbing on something, anyway I had a dmr with pretty much all the upgrade parts you mentioned; SHS nozzle, pom piston head, airlab O ring, sorbo pad etc., but i had a high torque motor with standard torque gears, a bw king kong super 2 and a shitty WE 11.1 2200MAH lipo from justbbguns. It was the neatest looking gun from the gearbox, but would last one game at a skirmish. All my piston pick-up teeth would cave in. Essentially i got tired of matching parts and decided to go HPA because of the ease of use and low maintenance. I considered myself a failed tech but i also blame zeroone for having no descriptions on their products. As someone said, its not just trigger response, its the whole ease of operation for a player who does'nt have the time to constantly replace parts. Snipers are another breed, but really I just chose to get it because it was guaranteed to work out of the box, instead of checking part compatibility. Also G&G combat machines suck d*ck for upgrading.
  2. Yeah i guess I just have high expectations of everything and have to remember it's just airsoft. I wanted to have a laser gun but now essentially I've got a good balanced assault rifle.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I have another hop related question, I got a flat hop namazu, prommy purple and a prowin, from amped airsoft a advice. After setting it up I'm quite disappointed, the arm has a bit of side to side play and it wobbles in the receiver when there's no mag cause there's no spring. Should I diy it or get a lonex? Tbh I thought I'd avoided all this part nonsense when I got a Jack.
  4. Hanks for the reply Ian, this goes back to my main question; is it really worth buying an expensive part, to an extent,? I mean if you look on airlab there are £200 gearbox cases. We're shooting plastic balls from about 50-100m. Sure stock parts may not be the best but my Madbull barrel works, so I'm really wondering if buying a new barrel will increase my actual range or psychological range. Its on a polarstar so it's pretty much the most important part asides from the hop.
  5. Yeah I always strip the hop unit before cleaning barrels, it's a shoddy clone of a tm vsr so cba to upgrade it. Left it out in Bristol so I have no idea where the acid rain came from (sarcasm). But in general are Orga barrels better than a Prometheus?
  6. Well I used nail polish remover and it flaked, so I just tcut it whigh f*cked it so I bought a new one. Used nail polish again and it's been fine for a month, I guess their quality control from batch to batch ain't the best. Tbh I might have gone overboard with the nail polish remover since it melted my cleaning rod. Just be careful, use something that doesn't leave any residue.
  7. Yeah but only for M4s and AKs, eg I fancy a KAC PDW but no website I can find sells complete bodies. Like if you buy a Madbull receiver you still need a fire selector and tidbits.
  8. careful with using any kind of solvent with those barrels, they're made from aluminium so they have a Teflon coating that comes off easily, looks like a white powder when dried.
  9. careful with using any kind of solvent with those barrels, they're made from aluminium so they have a Teflon coating that comes off easily, looks like a white powder when dried.
  10. I left my VSR 11 out in the rain for a game and now it has a weird white powder inside and out the hop unit. Has no range be just violently curves down with no hop, Spring not worn and have firefly nub installed. Checked barrel for imperfections and tried using degreaser for removing white powder. I don't use bios either. On mobile can't change colour.
  11. Ha wow, you don't get that kind of service from any of the major retailers like evike, airsoftgi or even zeroone. I mean the guys at Amped were pretty thorough but I guess you would need to be extremely thorough as the manufacturer. To be honest I only frequented the American forums but they're all out of date and offer no info on the Jack. But with your problem, are there any sites that just sell bodies?
  12. Nah I've mostly been talking to the guys at amped, I also have a thing against Delaware jks, but seriously I never considered it. Thought you only contacted them for custom work
  13. Hey I'm trying to build a Jack Dmr but on the 5.56 platform, what's your barrel setup and dwell settings?
  14. SLP is just a ARX120 industrial regulator that can only be used with SLP tanks (>300psi output) but are easily adjustable and have a high refresh rate ( good for full auto or semi spamming)
  15. Welli got my total setup for $475 with a 62/3000 tank and a slp reg. Consistency wise is good enough with a 1-2 deviation
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