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  1. Hey, I am sort of in the same predicament as you are. What I did was quite simple and worked very nicely (I already owned the airsoft gun so it wasn't sent by a company as such). Firstly, I got a letter from the site at which I will be playing saying I have a membership there and that I will be playing there with said gun (didn't need it in the end but it was good to have) and that I am in the process of getting my UKARA number. Second, I had a moving company bring it up for me. I managed to find a company that went between the UK and where I lived regularly making it easier. I also put a lock on the bag and duck tapped the zip. You could argue that they can still get into it, but these guys had very good reviews and were very trust worthy. Hope this helps.
  2. I can drive but don't have a car (at least for now) and public transport is the most likely mode of transport. I'm in the South West of London. But anywhere in / around London is ok really, any further takes too long to get there really
  3. Ah okay, thank you for that I will look into that
  4. I am looking for somewhere close to London to play airsoft, any recommendations? Thanks
  5. Thanks this is really helpful, regarding any add ons though I already have them which is great and having previously owned an M4 I have the extra mags needed.
  6. So I want to buy a new gun and have been doing a lot of looking. I am between an M4 (variants of the M4 as well) and a G&G UMG. I like these two as there can be a lot of customisation done to them, they're solid and reliable. I was just wondering what people would recommend and found best from experience. I need something solid and reliable, with good (well great haha) accuracy. Price range is anything up to £500. I've already owned a few airsoft guns so know a decent amount. I like the compact, tactical and solid feel that the M4's I have used (mine and friends) have. Thanks to anyone that answers in advance.
  7. First of all check the barrel and make sure nothing is jammed in it, second check that inside the gun (where the motor connects to the mechanics of the gun for it to shoot) there is nothing in there blocking the clogs from turning. My friend had an M4 and somehow a piece of metal wire got in there and they had to completely take it apart to get it out. Also check that the motor connects in properly with the mechanism in the gun and isn't spinning blankly. Also worth checking the gearbox isn't jammed. Hope this helps
  8. I personal had an AK-47 with a foldable stock which I loved, but a part broke on the stock and I couldn't find that part as they didn't make it separately. So I decided to change it (something similar to what you did). I found the easiest way to do so was to just buy a new gun kit, you can find kits all over the internet and internal parts too. I personally was able to take it completely apart and build it myself, though it wasn't always so straight forward. Maybe you could consider doing it yourself but going to your local airsoft store and ask for help / tips. It's what I did and they were really helpful. You just need to make sure the kit you buy or what you have is compatible with those parts. For example, with the stock, you have to make sure how you put it on (i.e. connect it on) is correct for that stock. another thing to keep in mind is where the battery and wires go. I personal had to make a lot of adjustments to the where everything went. had to buy a new battery because otherwise it wouldn't fit. Hope this helps.
  9. Thank you very much any sites you can recommend in / near London? (I liked the bunker as its CQB).
  10. Hey, I was wondering if anyone here has played at Bunker 51 in London and how they found the site. I'm looking to play there in the close future (i.e. after Christmas ish) and was wondering what people thought of it.
  11. Hey everyone, I am looking to buy a G&G UMG (link to the one I am looking at in the tittle). I was wondering if anyone here owns one and what they think of it or could give me a review of it if they used it. I already have owned my fair share of airsoft guns and was wondering what people thought of this one. I am looking for a sub machine gun for CQB gameplay and potentially use on more open woodland grounds. Thanks.
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