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  1. I just don't understand the difference between a spring powered pistol and a gas single action non blowback one. I know there must be a differenc though. Does a gas single action non blowback have to be cocked or something before each shot like the springer?
  2. On the 'attributes' bit on the product page for that gun it says 'firing mode: single'. I thought that was meaning the gun is single action but does it just mean it shoots one bullet per shot? Are all gas non blow back pistols double action - pulling the hammer back is done by pulling the trigger?
  3. Ok, just to clarify, with a non blowback pistol on single action only do I load the gun then just pull the trigger repeatedly until I've emptied the mag, no pulling the slide back or pulling the hammer back between each shot, it's straight from one shot to the next? Or do I have to pull the hammer back between each shot? Sorry for being stupid I really have 0 experience of this.
  4. http://www.taiwangun.com/en/gas-4/m92f-m9-vertical-heavy-weight-gas-pistol-stti So with a non blow back pistol on single shot do you have to cock the gun each time you shoot? And it's summer
  5. Can't do red on mobile Still don't really understand that single or double action thing on the gas pistols. Does single action mean the pistol is like a springer - you have to cock it before each shot? And does double mean you can just keep pulling the trigger till you run out of BBs? Also, how much does a gas pistol cost to run as in how many mags would I get out of 1000ml green gas. (If it helps, the mag is 23 0.2g rounds). Cheers
  6. What's the difference between double and single action on those gas guns?
  7. Forgot to add this to last post: Where can you get guns second hand? I've looked on eBay but it doesn't look like people can sell them there.
  8. Would this https://bbguns4less.co.uk/products/y-p-ggh0303b-heckler-and-koch-usp-replica-gas-powered-airsoft-pistol.html not be better with the adjustable hop Up?I know it's bbguns for less in that link I wouldn't necessarily get it from them, that's just where I've found it first.
  9. Ok I'll look at getting a gas pistol then as all the £30-40 shotguns I can find seem to be only single shot. How much does a gas gun cost to run - how many mag reloads would you get out of a can of green gas? And however much I'd like that tm mk23 it's a little out of my budget at £120 so what kind of range can you get out of a £30-40 pistol?
  10. What kind of range would that get? And why gas not electric?
  11. Can't do red I'm on mobile Hi, I'm looking around for a cheap springer shotgun around £30-40, maybe £50 if I have to that's decent quality. Preferably I'd have a gun that shoots more than 1 bb per shot but all the ones like that I've seen have been around £50-60. So far I'm considering the AGM shorty, something from the de m47 range, de m56 or de m58. I know the m56 is the best way up of those, but it is a bit above my budget and it doesn't have any sort of sights. How useful are sights, are they important on a gun like this? I've been told that I should spend around £35-40 minimum on a springer shotgun, so would that mean that any gun in that price range would be ok or does it vary by brand? I've seen a lot of guns by bison, are they any good? And I know the de m47 range are cheaper guns, are they any good? I'm not needing a skirmishable gun, just something to use in the garden or whatever that would be a more fair match against my friends 350fps sniper than my current 180fps springer pistol
  12. Ok I'll start saving up. My parents don't have a problem with me getting a gun, in fact my dad is trying to persuade my brother to get one.
  13. Thanks for that reply. I used to make quite a bit selling sweets at school, but I got snitched on so now i don't really have much to spend anymore. I'm happy to spend around £10-15 at the most £20. Looks like I'm going to have to start selling again, but this this time be a bit more discreet. Unfortunately my brother's decided he won't get a BB gun and I can't change his mind so I've got a friend along with it instead.
  14. Ok I think I'll get a cheap pistol to use with my brother (this is basically just an upgrade from a nerf gun), and I'll get a shotgun to use for skirmishes. I have a friend who does airsoft at delta force strines which is pretty nearby for me so ill be able to tag along with him. These are the shotguns I'm deciding between: https://www.justbbguns.co.uk/product/517/2-TONE-BB-GUNS/339/PUMP-SHOTGUNS/2650/MOSSBERG-500-AIRSOFT-SHOTGUN And https://www.justbbguns.co.uk/product/517/2-TONE-BB-GUNS/339/PUMP-SHOTGUNS/656/STINGER-S32P-BB-PUMP-SHOTGUN I think current winner is the first one. Preferably I would just get a shotgun to use for both back garden and skirmishes, but when I told my brother it was 350fps and has reviews saying 'it really hurts when you get shot' he said he couldn't understand why anyone would want something like that. Lol
  15. I'm 14, 15 in November. My brothers my twin brother
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