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  1. OMG how to choose a New RIS!

  2. Dying to play another game of Airsoft!

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    2. Drewster211


      I can't make this Sunday as I'm working...so I will however find myself a game ASAP though!

    3. ImTriggerHappy


      When I am running round the mall on Sunday enjoying myself I will try and find time to send you a message telling you how much fun I am having so you dont feel left out.

    4. Drewster211


      Ha ha that's evil...however, I would do the exact same thing in your position! Lol

  3. Does anyone know where I can purchase an M16/A2 in the UK?

    1. CaptainDumbass


      i thought you were looking for an actual m16 for a second lol

    2. Drewster211


      Ha ha if only!

  4. Is Multicam really that good?

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    2. Adam3088


      Got a set of polish k93, that's pretty good. None else uses it either :P

    3. GiantKiwi


      Multicam - Generic look like everyone else camo.

    4. Colonel Kurtz

      Colonel Kurtz

      Dont go buying a dif scheme in the name of better concealment, airsoft battles simply doesn't occur at the ranges necessary for any camo to have any effect against anyone with even half decent vision. will gain the same level of concealment wearing a green hoodie. if you think it looks more cool then by all means go for it, why not :)

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