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  1. Perfect, thanks! Yeah, had an offer for some to do the soldering but this is just a quick fix until then. Not sure I'd trust myself to do it ha.
  2. Hiya (more advice needed ha!) Got myself CM028B with a Deans adapter installed inside and I have a 7.8v WE LiPo on its way to replace the NiMH I had. What's the best adapter to use in the gun until I can get a Deans connector attached to the battery?
  3. MrEvans

    TM P226

    Perfect, thanks for the help. Got a bit overwhelmed when I had a google and had all these different points thrown at me from different guides and saying how easy the mags are to break etc. Just needed my specific points answered so I knew what to do and you guys have got me sorted. It's appreciated.
  4. Ah, if it's not worth the hassle I won't be too bothered. Just one of those, if it's do-able and not too costly then I might give it a go Thanks for all the tips all!
  5. MrEvans

    TM P226

    Bought 2nd hand, want to make sure I know exactly how much is inside the magazines. Ah brilliant, the nozzle from the gas can doesnt seem to go all the way in and I can feel some coming out but the mag does fill, so this is reassuring! How much gas would you say for storage 1-2 seconds worth? And just do 5-8 no intervals to fill the whole mag? Thanks a lot Hahahaha, can't even justify a reason for saying clips over magazines. Blame the video games.
  6. Maybe should have been a bit more specific haha! I have a 028B. Credit for the picture pun too. Tickled me.
  7. Hiya, New to airsofting (properly) after always toying with some guns. Bought myself an all black CYMA AK-47 and a TM P226. Looking to mod up the AK with some sights on the front rail and replace the underfolding stock with a side folding and hopefully get some good CQB games in with my TM P226. Aiming to get up to Urban6 and the Gaol for some games as they're not too bad on the train. Anyone else from around these parts?
  8. MrEvans

    TM P226

    Hi, I've had a search through the threads with nothing to really distinctly answer my q's. Recently purchased TM P226 (my first ever GBB!) and been provided with some gas. Now, I haven't used the gas release at the top of the mags until my new gas arrives, however put a couple of mags through one of the clips. Is it normal to feel the gas on your fingers as you fill it (mag upside down, with the gas above directly in line)? I intend to use the gas release on all the mags and empty them before putting 3 seconds of 144A Abbey Predator in to keep the pressure built inside the clips, then topping up with an extra 3-4 3 seconds bursts on game days. Does all this sound right? Thanks in advance folks!
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