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  1. Okay what about the guns I've suggested? Are they decent? If £100 is too low, is it better to get something like a CYMA CM028u?
  2. I can't BUT my dad can (as long as it's two tone)
  3. Alright so I've been wanting to buy my first AEG but I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions? Note: No M4s please since that gun is really common and anything under 350 fps and it has to be two tone (since I'm under 18) I've been looking at the Umarex G36c and UMP, Dboys PDW and P90 and the JG AUG-2
  4. "I thought I saw a robber but it was a jogger. They rhyme so I got confused" - Dragan Payday 2 "I got your DLC right here!" - Cloacker Payday 2 (while this isn't stupid I thought it was funny)
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