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  1. MrPink

    ICS MX5 P

    Sorry it's all sorted now, didn't release it had a timed circuit next to the trigger, I needed to adjust this and it now fires perfectly. The gun did need a bit of play inside the hop but that's all the internal work.
  2. MrPink

    ICS MX5 P

    Yeah I opened up the hop and that was it really, split gearbox so I could look in anyway. Exclusion to warranty is only when aftermarket parts are put in checked after I saw painted threads on the hop.
  3. MrPink

    ICS MX5 P

    Hi, just got a new ICS MX5 P today and after charging up the battery tried it out, only that when I fired the gun is occasionally doing two shots with one trigger pull on semi auto. With the mag in as well it misfeeds and bbs drop out of the barrel, yet it feeds fine upside down. I've tried adjusting the motor height a bit and also the hop for the misfeeds but nothing has changed. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. He sent me a message on the 2nd of July saying he had a letter saying RM disposed of it, he refunded me and I was hoping he'd get his money back too or at least some compensation no idea if he's had anything since then
  5. Just clarifying the situation here sorry for the slight necro post. I'm JR0210 on Zeroin and we've sent messages back and forth after this situation the gun was seized by royal mail just making sure no one gets the idea I'm a scammer
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