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  1. https://www.facebook.com/events/1065758966876000/ Commando elite are running a weekender this saturday with camping overnight. Custom built site with woodland and village areas. Get in touch with them for more info! See you there.
  2. A guy at work mentioned that his MB01 had a restrictor valve fitted in the bolt assembly/chamber. I will have it apart tonight and have a look, if the bolt in the end of this is missing then maybe I can get something to restrict it without having to faff with a spring. Found this on a thread on these forums: - The gun actually has pretty good stock power, perhaps too powerful for the internals, with an FPS of 480 (without velocity reducer) and a poor 270 (with velocity reducer). Being the Version 3 of the Well, it has a removable velocity reducer (comes installed). To remove, you have to take off the cheek rest, remove the bolt and unscrew the reducer from the cylinder head. It's that simple. The way it works is by reducing the air flow, so even though you're at a lower FPS, the spring is still the same, so the strain on the internal is also the same. Maybe I will get lucky and the velocity reducer is still in there. http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/5944-well-mb-01-l96-version-3-review/
  3. Thanks, appreciate the help. I maybe able to order one now for next day if I can find somewhere with one. Handy vid, most helpful.
  4. I will be playing this weekend with the firesupport guys and they offer a pay online and get it delivered to the site on the day, so that could work. I'm keen to keep this spring intact for the 500fps woodland games, but I don't mind butchering a new spring to get it working. I'm a fullbore shooter that fancied a bit of milsim so it shouldn't be too difficult to take strip it, however some of the guides I've seen are not very informative and just show a gun ripped apart by a kid Nothing like a challenge on the day. have the gun ready to be re-sprung then try and zero it and get a feel for it before the game.
  5. Now I'm just faced with the issue of losing 100fps off it by Saturday. Ideally want to keep it as is but I'm guessing there are not any easy temp power reduction methods. Don't think I will have chance to get a new spring and cut that down before the weekend either. As you can tell I'm very new to all this so I appreciate the help everyone! Having a look at the MB01 on: http://www.airsplat.com/Items/AR-WELL-MB1-CST.htm it states that it has 'adjustable hop up and FPS!' Is this just marketing bull or is there a magic tuning screw or something?
  6. Haven't touched the hopup yet so that may help take the edge of it. Most sites use .20's when they crono don't they? Its around 380 with .40's. Failing that I need to sort something out as I will be taking it to some CQB for some overwatch at the weekend and it needs to be 400fps for that.
  7. Will get some uploaded shortly. Just crono'd it and it was a consistent 504 fps with .20's with a variance of only 4 fps so its consistent at least.
  8. It looks identical to the Warrior, Well, Maruzen & Mauser L96 MB-01 one, however I checked all of them and they all have distinctive markings/names on them. I'm guessing mine is a clone so the parts maybe interchangeable on the better known versions of it.
  9. There are no other markings on the rest of the entire gun and is the same shape as the Well model in almost every way I can see. I posted this to see if someone recognised the markings near the bolt. I will post pictures of the whole thing when I get home if that will help. Clearly this isn't CSI as they would have read that there are no other markings on the rifle, except the serial number and the small F etched near the bolt.
  10. Its in the fore grip end of the rifle, its not next to the trigger mech. It also sits clean with the body of the rifle when loaded.
  11. Hi everyone, After being kindly gifted a L96 (clone I presume) I wondered if anyone could ID it for me. The stock and upper receiver etc have no names/brands on them, the only thing written/etched on it is the serial and an F (See pic). I will be running it through a crono later today and it appears to be reasonably accurate on my 30m range at home. Thanks in advance.
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