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  1. Could you possibly link which battery you would recommend getting please? Treat me as if I were a child because I don't understand much about this side of things. Huge thank you for the help you've given, lots of people on this forum have been very helpful in my choices thus far.
  2. I just got a g&g combat machine along with WE Airsoft Europe 8.4V 1600mAH Crane Stock Battery. Could you guys please recommend what charger/power supply I would need for this and where to get it? Also why do I need a power supply, can't I just plug the charger into the wall? I live in the UK. Thanks for any help! Edited red to comply with the thread format - Ian_Gere
  3. I googled magpul foregrips but all I got was the shoulder-rest part of the gun... What do you think of http://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=6563 http://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=7767 was the mag I was planning on. are 0.25s ok? I thought sites only allowed 0.20s. You mentioned I would need a power-supply, can I not simply plug the charger into a wall socket?
  4. Yeah I got a tac vest, and my pistol is a Colt 1911 A-1 (which is just amazing fun btw) so I just want some c02 for that. I doubt i'll be carrying 8 mags, planning to be running with 1 in gun/2 on tac + speed loader. the "130 rounders" does that mean they only hold 130 pellets or am I miss reading that? I was thinking of just getting some high-cap clips which hold 480 pellets or would that not be recommended, I don't really mind winding.
  5. Yeah it's £40... I think i'm going to go with this then, thanks a ton for all your help! Now I just need extra mags, charger kit, Foregrip, C02 and BBs. hehe
  6. I'll be wearing a pair of mesh goggles and then just a material face mask so there shouldn't be any issues with sighting the gun. With making my own, honestly i'm crap with DIY haha I think i'll look into that sort of thing in the future! So would you recommend picking up the t-1?
  7. Aha, thank you i'll get on that! So ultimately i've broken down my choice into 2... An Eotech 551/552 replica or Aimpoint T1 replica. Both are actually on - http://battlestore.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=20 and for a fairly good price, but no brand name.... Would they just be the exact same as the brand ones? Also the T1 seems to have two mount heights, any information on that? The thing called a "killflash" are they any good / worth using?
  8. I got all the combats/boots etc but thank-you for asking . http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/batteries-bbs-gas-chronographs-c5/batteries-c62/we-airsoft-europe-8-4v-1600mah-crane-stock-battery-p3186/s3978 is the battery i'm using and charger.... Right I need a charger, best get one of those to .
  9. Would you say http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Micro-T1-Red-Dot-Sight-QD-Mount-Killflash-included-T-1-Scope-Airsoft-Black-UK-/131126903814 would be a wise choice then? It's obviously a replica, yet I can't find which brand so that could be a bit risky?
  10. Yeah, I dunno why I said such a massive number... I'm still not used to all this and my brain was like "it's a scope so it must shoot far!" haha. Oh? I thought reflex and holographic were different, my bad. Would something like - http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/aiming-devices-mounts-and-bipods-c7/red-green-dot-scopes-c75/g-g-551-holo-sight-replica-p1423 be good then based on what you was saying about eotech replicas? A scope I was looking at was - http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/aiming-devices-mounts-and-bipods-c7/red-green-dot-scopes-c75/g-g-cd13-trt30gd-red-dot-scope-p1411 Thanks for your advice.
  11. Hello again guys! Some of you may remember me from my thread earlier today where I was finalizing my choice of rifle, well thanks to all your advise I decided to get a G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider-L. Now, I have a more challenging question... What sight should I get for it? I do most my playing in outside forest areas, but I will rarely be shooting more than 100yds so I doubt id need a full blown scope which leaves me with red dot sights... But I really don't know where to start on this, sadly I don't have access to go and try any so I need to lean on all your advice just a little bit more! Initially I would like to know what's better a reflex sight, a scope or a holographic? To me reflex scopes look a lot better but ultimately I want what is going to give me the best accuracy, best bang for my buck. Secondly, id love if people could recommend some sights they've tried and tested them-self as like I said before right now I truly just do not know where to go with these. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the advise guys, I ended up getting the shorter one ... This thread can be closed. Next, I need to decide on a red dot (yes I said it right! thank you on that), i'll make a new thread for that because there are SO many choices and not nearly as much information was there was for rifles. Thank you again.
  13. Hi guys, I just started recently and have been using rentals but now have my UKARA so please help me pick my first M4! After much research I've been informed the G&G CM guns are excellent starter guns and amazing value for money and boiled down my choices to... http://www.swindonairsoft.co.uk/pc/G-G-Combat-Machine-CM16-Raider-L-104p66.htm http://www.swindonairsoft.co.uk/pc/G-G-CM16-R8L-104p413.htm Only differences I can tell is the CM16-R8L has a scope, is slightly longer and has a 16000 rpm Hi-torque Long axis Motor while the Raider has a 25000 rpm Hi-torque Short axis Motor. Also i've been told the front site cannot be removed on the CM16 Raider-L which can make customizing a little tricky when applying new kit to the top rail. Motor-wise, I have no idea what that really means I was hoping some of you more experienced players out there could possibly tell me what the differences are? Or if you have another M4 you would recommend, that would be cool to! (If it costs more but can justify the extra cost that is acceptable). Currently I play in outside forest games shooting over fairly long ranges. Any help would be great, thanks! /e Also, http://www.swindonairsoft.co.uk/pc/G-G-GR15-Raider-L-Blowback-104p125.htm seems to be the CM16 but with a blowback system and a metal RAS... Is being more realistic sounding the only difference between this and a regular CM16-L?
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