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  1. This is a pretty ignorant review of perhaps one of the best managed sites there is. complaining about the food when it is free, complaining about the shop when there isn’t one they just have essentialls for you to buy. the safe zone is more than big enough for the player base and complaining about the size of the car park and safe zone size is ignorant because that is not under the control of the owner as this is the landowners property. Complaining about a long safety brief? Who cares! It’s for your own safety, remember some people there have never played airsoft before. The bang rule is optional not compulsory, the range is closed but you can ask a marshal to go there with you. Play more and learn a bit about the site before making false comments. There marshals there are the best there is, the games flow and cheating is next to non existent, easily the best site in kent for those who want to make an educated opinion.
  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I am selling my AKM as I no longer use aeg's very often, and have gone down the sniper route. I will sell it with the original packaging and all of the accessories listed for the asking price. If you have any questions feel free to DM me.


    Gravesend, Kent - GB

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