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Hi Guys, new to the forum and to Airsoft.


Ive got my first game coming up, never been before. Im just renting my equipment but im looking for some general info. Here are a couple of questions/points

m not up to scratch with any kind of military lingo or sure how the game works.


1:Is it pretty much the case when you get hit your dead and sit out til the next game starts.

2:Whats best to wear, i know boots are required and dark clothing, would you say its best to wear camo and combats.

3:How are teams decided, will i be with my mates who im going with.


Generally im a little nervous, its like the first day at school. I dont want to let me team mates down by being Pants at it.




All help welcome.

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I've only been playing airsoft since May, but I consider myself to have some knowledge (I say that, most of my activity on this forum has been asking questions and help lol).


In answer: -


1: It's 1 hit and your dead, but you have re spawns depending on the rules of the game. Don't worry; rules are ALWAYS explained at good sites!


2: You could go dressed as Noel blummin' Coward if you really wanted. It's a matter of practicality really. The base requirements are eye/face protection and good footwear (BOOTS!!!). I wear the standard forest camo and, for when I'm feeling frisky, all black camo. I've been thinking of dressing up as Soap Mactavish, but I would probably be the upteenth person to do it. Look around the net and through different shops at the variety of camo schemes and colours until you find one that is right for you.


3: No complex method. Just go up to the desk and get a coloured band. Nuff Said!


Military lingo? hmmmmmmmmm.


Flank. Suppress. Engage Enemy.


Those are some of the standard phrases. Just learn to be efficient in communication any way you can.


Good luck on your first game!

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These are the rules at my site (they are silmiler to most site but i would recomend you check first


Alpha Elite Gaming: GAME RULES

• A hit is when a shot is taken to any part of the player’s body, clothing or equipment regardless of whether the shooter is on your team or not. The only exception to this rule is that a shot taken on the gun does not count as a hit.


• When hit, players must shout “HIT”! They are then to proceed to the safe zone or a mash point. Whilst moving to the safe zone, a player must declare themselves to be out of play by saying "dead man" and holding their weapon above their head.




• DEAD MEN DON’T TALK! Once hit, you must not talk to live players nor pass on any information relating to the game.


• Dead time is done in either the main safe zone or one of the mash points. Dead time, unless stated otherwise, is 2 minutes.


• To rejoin a game, a player should declare “dead man returning” as they move back to their start point. Once there, they must SHOUT that they are restarting. If the start point is compromised, a marshal will guide you to an appropriate point to restart game play.


• If two players shoot each other at the same time, BOTH players will declare themselves to be HIT.


• Surrender kills can be performed where a player is very close to an enemy who is unaware of his presence. The other player may refuse to surrender but risks being shot.


• Rubber training knives may be used for touch kills on unsuspecting players.


• Grenades (BB and Dynatec training devices) have a kill radius of 3m. If you are behind sufficient hard cover such as a pallet board/wall or earth bank, you are safe.


• Smoke Grenades/Thunder flash’s are distractive devices only and are not accepted as kills.


• Don’t use fully automatic fire at close range if a single shot will suffice. No overkill!


• If a player is hit whilst carrying a prop such as flag, the player will drop the prop before returning to the safe zone. You are not allowed to pass props to other players nor tell other players the location of props.


• The game will end when the words ENDEX are shouted by marshals. At this point magazines should be taken out of guns, guns put on safe with no further firing.



Hope that helps a bit on the rules

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Hey Everyone,


Went to my first event today.


Played 3 quite big games and won 2. Got a few kills and took a good few hits but love every minute of it.

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Defo go again,

Just using the hired equipment the now, couple of my mates have got their licences now but i need two more games. KI dont want to rush out and buy weapons so will use the site ones for a bit and then see how i go. :P

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