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Hey there guys,


I'm just looking for abit of advice really. Me and acouple of mates are thinking of organising an airsoft weekend i.e. Friday, Saturday and Sunday next year, we all currently reside in Northern Ireland and we are looking to come over to the mainland. So we are really looking for abit of advice and personal experience from sites that you have been too or what sites do you believe we should go to.


Here in Northern Ireland all the sites are mainly outside and in the woodlands so preferably we would like possibly urban/industrial settings. Its not necessary but we would like to experience something new and different.


Anyway any help or guidance would be appreciated



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Hmm, if you got a ferry over to Liverpool, which I assume you can do, but I haven't checked, you could get the train to Sheffield, there's a CQB site near the city centre that although I've not yet been to, I'm sure there'll be a bus that takes you there as it's quite near the Ski Village.


You could stay at the Premier Inn in the city centre as well. Provided you plan far enough ahead it ought to be easy to sort out.


If you want to book a place for a skirmish then you'll need to sign up to the forums to let them know you're coming, it's all on their site:

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