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Right, as many of you probably know from the last 4 or 5 million threads I've posted in this section, I've been trying to get a barrel for my sniper and no one has given me a definite answer as to what will fit, apart from VSR barrels, none of which are long enough...


So last week, I thought "Eff this" and ordered an AEG 550mm barrel, I meant to order a 650, but I clicked the wrong thing... But shush about that.


Anyway, guess what? AEG barrels do fit! Despite almost everyone telling me they don't... Damn you everyone lol.


So yah, I've got a 6.02 Deepfire 550mm fitted in it now. Only problem is that I can't do a decent comparison test because I've run out of the ammo I was using with the other one, which was weighted at .3 and .36 and now I only have .2 and .4 left.


However, at 20m with .36 the accuracy was at 63% before, I think... 21 hits out of 30. With .36 and also .3s, weirdly.

Now, it's at 72% using .4s with 24 out of 30 hits. Which sounds like a rather crap improvement for £40 but I'm hoping it's just the ammo.


Plus I haven't really fiddled with it as much as I could yet, I practically left the hop as it was, it's far more responsive now, so it's harder to set for a universal distance.


So now, I'm on to upgrading the consistency. Anyone throw me a bone on what I might need to get, where to get it and the rough possible costs?

Are there any consistency upgrades I can bodge myself without buying anything?

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