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Hey guys,


This Halloween coming up I'm going to a night time game at RAF Honiley in Coventry. I've been speaking to the site owners about it and they've said that its going to be single shot / semi auto pistols, shotguns and springers only, which does sound like something a bit different and I'm sure it'll be fun. Lots of sneaking about and things.


My problem is that I dont really want to buy a good pistol or shotgun just for one game, I cant see myself really using it much after.


I've found this gun, I love the look of it, its a springer and has a pump action handle just like a shotgun. To be honest I think its the look of it which has drawn me in, after a bit of pain should be good.


However its cheap and naff with low fps (about 240 I hear). It only really needs to last me a few nights of gaming and then I'll use my AEG again.


So the big question, could I bring the FPS upto about the 320-350 mark with a stronger spring without it just destroying itself on the first shot. Also I'm assuming it doesnt have hop up, is there a cheap way to add it or replicate it? I guess if not it doesnt matter toooo much as Honiley is a CQB site.


If none of what I want is possible has anyone got any sugestion of a cheap gun to last me the game.


Thanks for your help, Tom.

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Does it need to be 2 tone?


If it was a game like that then i would be looking at something like this:


or going totally mad and going for two of these


To be honest I would not bother with spring upgrades as you will all likely destroy the gun.


Problem is that you will be competing against 300fps gas pistols, so I would go shotgun to be honest, or buy a cheap gas pistol like

or a mk23 socom?


really depends upon your budget

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I have a UKARA so it doesnt need to be 2 tone.


The only reason I want it cheap is because I cant really see me using it after these few games because I'd always choose to use my AEG instead. So it would be a waste to spend alot on it.


Thanks for the suggestions bigshep. Might have a look for a budget shotgun now. Spas did look ok for the money cheers!

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I have an ex-two-tone springer shotty (now painted black) which contains 50rounds in an internal magazine.


If you want, you can borrow it for the halloween game (I probably wont go, so you'd have to collect it from the grange).


Does about 200fps on .2g but has good range and is a hell of a lot of fun.


Not gonna "rent" it to you, if you want to borrow it you can just borrow it, provided the grange have a full set of details from you (I'm not saying you're going to run off with it, but sometimes people DO go home with someone elses kit by accident).


Also, they may allow you to use an AEG on semi-auto? They usually do at honiley?

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