AK47 Loadout need help with it

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I am going to buy an AK47 soon with a 600 rd high capacity mag, hooray I can't wait. :P

For when I buy more magazines and a pistol and what not I would like to get a really cool look

could someone please reccomend a loadout with tactical vest, Ammo pouches, Holster, pistol mag pouches, belt and other essentials just make sure it all fits on the tactical vest.

Already got a cool face mask from Cactus hobbies :)


Also If anyone could reccomend a good soviet pistol like the makarov or over that would be great :D

but the holster would have to fit it


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Whats your budget?


For Eastern Bloc pistols you are currently limited to the KSC/KWA CZ75. Although KWA will be releasing the Tokarev shortly.


Ideas for Ak loadouts are as follows:


Freedom Fighter/Terrorist/Op-For (Under £50)

Jeans, shemagh, t-shirt with a Chicom chest rig.


PMC/PSD (Under £100)

Walking trousers, polo shirt, shemagh, ball cap, plate carrier/assualt vest.


Soviet/Russian Military (Anything from £100 plus)

Soviet/Russian Uniform (£50-£100), Soviet/Russian Loadbearing (£50-£150) and plenty of import fees :(


VietCong (Under £75)

VC Pyjamas, VC Neck-scarf, Coolie Hat and Chicom Chest Rig.


Hope this has given you some ideas. I can send you some links or ideas. Check out the VC and PMC threads on the forum for some pics.

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Neon yellow mask XD ?

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if you want a good camo then you could go with the rhodesian as used by any gurilla forces particlually in africa (who will all probably use AKs) I'm not to sure about where to get it as it may be quite rare

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