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A&K LR-300 (shorty) **WORK IN PROGRESS**

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A&K LR-300 Short version.



Hop up:TBC

Mag Capacity: ~400

Battery: 9.6v MINI type

Plastic/Metal/Both: Both, However the only plastic parts are: forward hand grip, pistol grip and butt plate. Every thing else is Metal.


My opinion and overall comments:


First I will say that the people at Action Hobbies are great, they were extremely helpful, my original order was for a JG Military AUG but when my membership verification went through the only one left was one which was knackered. They phoned me up and offered me 4 choices of what to do: 1 Cancel the order, 2 Wait for an new one to come into stock, 3 they would attempt to fix it (for free) and 4 change the order to another gun. The 4th option was the one I took and opted for this instead as it was my second choice, and already I am thinking I am better off.


Starting at the top with the box: Plain unadorned Cardboard with a Polystyrene base with cut outs for at the items in the box. Nothing fancy, but practical and effective.




When I opened the box the only surprise was how dark it looks in real life, the photos on the web make it look a lot lighter in colour but this is NOT a complaint just something I noticed.




In the box as well as the gun you get: A 400 (yes 400) rnd metal HICAP mag, a 9.6 1200mah battery (haven't tested this yet but it looks good quality to me), a charger with two pins so a adapter is needed, 2 Quick Deploy sling mounts which can be attached to about 10 places on the gun (most are on the hand guard), a armorer wrench for the stock and barrel, a cleaning/unjamming rod, a forward sight adjustment tool, a fairly cheap philips screwdriver and as always a small bag of cheap crappy BB's which as advised by many people you should just through in the bin.




Picking it up it feels solid and heavy (in a VERY good way) the only rattle is of the battery connector in the hand guard wobbling around.




It is as stated FULL METAL! Everything! Well... apart from the hand guard, pistol grip and butt plate but lets be honest we expected that.




It weighs about 3-3.5 Kg by my reckoning, but its a nice weight and feel in my opinion. The folding stock is a wonderful addition to what is basically an M4, it allows you to make the gun much smaller and more maneuverable than when its at full length, a very good thing for CQB.


The Battery is installed in the hand guard by using your fingernails to gently pry the to away from the metal rail along the middle and then sliding it forward, a little tricky but easy to get the hang of.


The fire selector is exactly the same system as on any other AR15.


The Mag fits into the magwell very securely, with no noticeable wobbles in any direction at all, and it slides in and out smoothly with ease.


The sights are the same as any other AR15 EXCEPT the rear sight is mounted much closer to the front of the receiver, in a similar place to the AK. I assume this is to give you a bigger field of view for when in CQB environments but it could just be for looks.




But both the front and rear sight are removable and both expose a rail, the front is a 10mm weaver rail and the rear 20mm weaver rail that covers the top of the receiver.






With a flat top receiver like this you can mount whatever optics you want and the removable front sight means that you can mount low profile scopes without it getting in the way.



INTERNALS (all as standard apart from a Systema 1J spring)


Metal gearbox.


Metal 6mm Bushings


Metal ball bearing Spring Guide


What appear to be bronze (?) forged gears ( either way they are solid and heavy and look pretty good quality)


Plastic cylinder head and piston.


and a shed load of GREEN LUBE ;)




From the indoor testing I have done this gun is quite loud (but not in a gear grinding way) compared to some guns I have seen. The trigger response is VERY quick and the ROF is not too bad either. I will get it cronoed at my skirmish site this sunday but it has a Systema 1J spring installed so I highly doubt it will be over 340FPS. The stock battery is quite a tight fit in the handguard but the intellect 9.6v I have fits like a dream with no rattles or movement. The stock HiCap mag feeds well as do the MAG 130 MidCaps.


Well the first skirmish was a success. First things first, it cronoed at 260-270 FPS, which a lot of you will say is a little pathetic but the range on it is 45-50m (even got a "kill" at about 65m :lol: ) with a good grouping. It managed to clock up 16-17 "kills" this sunday. All in all a very good skirmish gun (even with the slightly low FPS).



Overall rating:


9/10 (a little disappointed with the FPS but all in all a very good gun)

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Looks like a good gun, would be great for CQB scenarios and the FPS would suit that nicely.

And nice review too, plenty of decent pics and no wall of texts which is what I like to see ;)

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Thanks guys much appreciated.


Will hopefully be getting a new gun soon and will do a review for that too.

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