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Plastic to metal gearbox conversion.

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Hey guys, nice site you have here. I've just started getting into the whole airsoft thing, and I've recently bought a cheap double eagle electric gun to test the water (M805a), and being a tinkering sort I've been inside it to check out it's workings e.t.c. Anyway, it has a plastic gearbox which looks identical to the v2 metal gearbox that you get in the more expensive guns. My question is this, will I be able to drop a version 2 metal gearbox in it's place? I'm aware that there may be a few things that need changing like the hop-up unit and maybe the nozzle e.t.c. but essentially will the metal v2 fit in there? I'm not looking to upgrade it to super performance or anything, it's just that I like the gun but would feel more at ease with it knowing it has a more durable engine inside it, if you know what I mean :D Anyways, take care guys, and I hope to see some of you around. I'm looking into going to Bristol Airsoft in the next couple of weeks so you never know wee might bump into eachother and exchange plastic :lol:

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