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Hi all

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Firstly hi Guys and Gals,

I am looking for some advice and I believe in asking people who know.

My son is looking at airsofting so I joined up here to ask you folks you advice.I have read your post on starter guns and liked the look of the Classic Army Sport Line M4.He is looking at this rifle Classic Army M15A2 Rifle but looks expensive to start off

He is in the Army Cadets and has passed his field craft on weapons etc and baffles me.


Question time.

Are they ok as a starter weapon?

What is a 2 tone gun and does he have to have one?

Gas or electric which is best?

Where are the best places to buy from?


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Firstly, welcome to the forums.


I'd go with electric to start with :)


How old is he? If he is over 18 he can purchase a 2 tone, or he can become UKARA registered and therefore get an RIF (fully black gun) If he is under 18 then you will have to buy him a 2 tone and 'gift' it to him, no money must exchange hands.


If you're looking for an M4, this would be ideal for starters:

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The sport line range are all good but you could also get a Jing Gong there also pritty good


And there isnt much difference between the M4 and the M15A2 in the airsoft world except from looks or barrel length


A 2 tone gun is a "VCR" compliant brightly coloured version or its RiF conterpart here is a example underneath




As you can see its bright green and it covers 51% of the gun this is so poeple who dont have a defence and buy airsoft guns as long as there 18


To buy a RiF you need some sort of defence to prove your a regular skrimisher the most popular defence is the UKARA



I recon Electric is the best for beginers its just a charge up the battery and wak it into the gun and off you go



Action Hobbies is the best place to start out i recon


If you have anymore questions feel free to ask :)

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another thing you may want to think of , is to hire a gun for his first time . im not sure were you are looking at taking him but im sure all sites will hire guns for people to play , this way you can be sure he likes it before you go spending upwards of £200 on him ( this is gun and clothes etc )

you may also have to be with him on his first few times , but you should be able to go round with a marshal (like i did ) as long as you wear glasses and a high vis top ,but they should be able to lend you these ..


but be warned , after walking round with the marshal for the day i got hooked on it and now im doing it every week myself :lol:


as for buying a gun , after talking to loads of people , most said that i should avoid the cheaper range of guns (£50 - 100) as they tend to not last long ,, something to do with the gear boxes but again , people on here that know alot more than me will be able to help you . my son decided on with his friend going for and both guns seem ok .. also remember you may need to buy the battery and charger on top of the price for the gun

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