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  1. Lol. Cheaper to import an S&T Mosin Nagant, with an SRC TT-33 Tokarev and a spare mag, than it is to buy the rifle on it's own from Z1! haha

    1. Tariq
    2. Airsoft-Ed


      Is the S&T the Zeta Labs one? 'Cos I know Ares, S&T and ZLabs are all under one umbrella now.


      Could you review the Nagant if you get one? My brother would kill someone for one but I'm convinced it'll be no good. Just got a feeling.

    3. Grounded_Pilot


      Inclusive of customs @ 20% it'll cost me about £350, but before taxes (including $103 shipping fees! :o!!) the total is £288...


      Yeah it is the S&T/Ares Version. I love Ares so much, all their guns are fricking awesome from my own experience, although never tried their gas versions...!