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  1. I personally would install a maple leaf crazy jet barrel and maple leaf hop unit, the maple leaf hop unit is very nice as it is a flat hop, meaning that you will get more consistency in your hops and will be able to hop greater weight bbs.
  2. I have bought myself a second-hand ghk ak. I have taken it apart, lubricated everything that is necessary using the correct lubricants. I have run into 2 issues that I have trouble solving. The ghk ak has a tendency to carry on firing after all bbs are depleted, this seems to happen when I have the ak in semi-automatic. I also have a problem where the hop up seems to not be adjusting, whenever i rotate the hop up adjustment it just keeps on rotating and has no wall, leading me to believe that something is wrong with the hop-up. I will be taking apart the hop-up and trigger mechanism today to try and solve the 2 problems. If anyone might have just a general idea of what is wrong and how to fix it I would greatly appreciate it. I would really like to get it up and running for a skirmish on sunday. Thanks!
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