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  1. Bump, have now added new maple leaf bucking & flat nub.
  2. Make: Real Sword Gun/Model: Dragunov SVD Accessories: POSP scope, 5 mags, silencer adapter, sling, mosfet, extra gear set, extra piston, unjamming plate & all paperwork Condition: Good but used FPS: 450 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/Try me/Try me Price/Payment: £500 Pictures: Yep, below Hi all, I am looking at moving on my Realsword SVD as I am just tending to reach for my VSR or the Krytac (if I'm feeling energetic) so this beautiful bit of kit is not getting the love & attention it deserves. Shoots really nicely & is the most solid RIF I've ever used (only 4oz lighter than the real thing apparently) When I got it, the trigger contacts were a bit iffy so a gate AB mosfet was fitted to bypass it & prevent any damage (I have a contact at realsword who has informed me that she has the wiring set in stock and ready to ship if the new owner wants to start afresh but it runs great as it is so I didn't see the point in the added expense) it also has the unjamming cradle fitted so as if any of the usual semi only jams do occur then it can be sorted in a matter of seconds. Comes with 5 mags (I may have an extra one somewhere but not sure) two of which are RS ones - one of the others could probably do with a service as it sometimes doesn't feed properly (spring just needs to be stretched out a bit & then it'll be fine) is wired to deans (an 11.1 lipo can be included if collected) The suppressor pictured is not included (it took me an ages & a huge amount of hassle to get hold of it so I'm keeping it) but I shall include the RS silencer adapter so as any 14mm CCW suppressor can be fitted along with the original flash hider. Swaps/part ex wise it'd have to be something pretty special but try me, you never know. May be interested in VSR kit but am open to suggestions. Collection from the Wirral preferred - Give me a shout with any questions. Mike.
  3. Make: AA/laylax/PDI/Maple leaf, etc Item: VSR hop chamber, barrel, teflon cylinder Desired Condition: any as long as it works Swaps/Part Exchange: Y/Y Budget: Unsure, try me If anyone has an AA hop chamber, VSR barrel and/or a teflon cylinder kicking about they are thinking of moving on, give me a shout. Happy to pay or have stuff to part ex/swap. Also happy to take barrel as part of deal if splitting it from the AA chamber isn't an option. Cheers, Mike.
  4. Not my kind of thing sorry mate.
  5. Make: GHK Gun/Model: AK 105 Accessories: 6 mags, Ironman hop up, Orga Magnus wide bore barrel. High flow nozzle is fitted and gives around 350fps on propane. 2 extra nozzles (1 joule, an adjustable one and I'm pretty sure there is one other that I will have to dig out) Condition: Very good FPS: 350 as nozzle is limited to that but depends on gas and temperature Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/Possibly but would prefer straight sale Price/Payment: £550 (collected from the Wirral, postage extra) Pictures: Below I got this AK in a part exchange a short while ago but as I pretty much solely run with my sniper rifles now and just don't use any kinds of GBBR/AEG enough to justify having such an brilliant/expensive gun sitting unused. I did use it last weekend to check it was all running great & is absolutely brilliant fun to use (the kick is excellent with it). It's GHK so the best of the best as a base for all of the Zenitco kit. It comes with 6 mags (that could do with a good spray of Krylon as they have been hydrodipped - apparently so as they wouldn't get lost - I quite like them as they are but it's up to the new owner if they decide to spray over that anarchy goodness Does not come with the sling, case or the real steel Kobra sight (unless otherwise negotiated) but will come with the Zenitco rail to mount a different optic. May possibly consider a part ex - I quite fancy something I can just run around with every now & again but don't have anything particular in mind - maybe a Scorpion Evo but would prefer a straight sale. Cheers, give me a shout with any questions. Mike.
  6. Any interest in a Tokyo Marui MP5K PDW, 7 mags (4 mids and 3 hi) rail attachment, harness/sling and supressor or/and an A&K LR300 M4 variant (R-hopped, rewired & with crazy accuracy - semi auto is a bit choosy about when it works but I'm sure it'd be an easy fix as it shoots fine in semi when the gearbox is out of the gun) I pretty much only use my sniper rifles at the moment so they are just sitting around & not being used & I've started looking for a VSR G-spec.
  7. Make: Maruzen Item: Silencer, adapter & magazines for fixed slide P99 Desired Condition: Any Swaps/Part Exchange: Y/Y/Y Budget: Open As titled, I'm after a silencer for a Maruzen P99 or alternatively a 10mm-14mm adapter to allow me to use a standard one. I would also be interested in any nbb mags too.
  8. Haha, yep, would probably help, cheers mate. Located in Wirral, Merseyside, not far from Chester or Liverpool.
  9. Make: Tokyo Marui Gun/Model: VSR Pro Accessories: Far too many to put here, see below! Condition: Pretty decent I'd say for rifle, some of the spares are more used. FPS: 480 at last chrono Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: £550 Pictures: Yep, see below. Am selling up for now as I'm just not getting time to play at all & my photography has taken over again. I am selling my main rifle along with a shed load of VSR spares - I could sell everything individually for a lot more but thought I'd see if anyone was interested in the bundle before I did - not splitting at all yet, the price is a total steal & I'd just like a fast, hassle free sale. Consists of a fully upgraded Tokyo Marui VSR Pro, full length with upgraded outer barrel to allow fitting of the G-spec silencer (included but also comes with the end cap to allow you to field the rifle without a silencer) Has a full length TBB & a full length barrel spacer to aid stability. Has the Laylax Zero Trigger along with its orange piston, the TDC mod along with a custom nub & r-hop (range & accuracy are amazingly good with this combination!) Has a Harris style bipod & a genuine Big River sling along with a really nice padded plastic hunting case. Included with this rifle is also a work in progress M40A3 stock - still needs work but I am including a Kydex sheet for the cheek rest, some coarse skateboard grip for the gripped areas & a can of leaf green paint - stock already looks like it's going to be brilliant imo, just needs finishing off (tried to shape it to be comfortable whilst not compromising the strength of the stock - didn't want it to crack or break under pressure) The original TM stock is also included so the rifle can be used while the other stock is being finished off (a stock screw will be needed but they should be easy enough to source from B&Q/Screwfix, etc. I am also including everything you can see in the pictures (I did say it was a lot of spares!!!) The spares are a mixed bag, some in brilliant condition, some just classed as parts but anything else I find between now & the sale of the rifle will be included - there are some spare smaller springs, triggers, trigger bits & bobs, hop assemblys, etc, that I haven't included in the pics but which will also be included. You wouldn't need many parts to make an entire extra rifle. Also included is a length of the real r-hop tubing material that I had imported from America. Please bear in mind that this rifle is pretty immense with silencer attached - the pics show my three seater couch & it stretches across almost the whole length of it! As there is so much stuff, collection only at the moment I'm afraid although I may drive to meet within a reasonable distance.
  10. Make: Tanaka Gun/Model: M700 Accessories: 29 round mag, stock pouch (rounds not included) Condition: Used FPS: Adjustable Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/Nikon camera equipment/N Price/Payment: £350 plus delivery but would prefer pickup (Wirral/Merseyside) Pictures: Below Comes with a 29 round, completely leak free mag. It will also come with the Spartan Doctrine VSR conversion kit (took me almost a month to find one from Japan) and a 550mm VSR tightbore barrel. It will also come with the original hop unit & barrel too. Has adjustable fps & is "quieter than a broken clock" with homemade silencer. Has coped absolutely fine in the cold too - it's only a quick adjustment to raise or lower fps. Asking £350 for this one too which is a steal considering how much the mag & conversion kits were. Base plate is missing from bottom of mag as I was going to tap for HPA but misplaced it. Scope not included but the Strike Systems one in pic may be included at extra. UKARA or valid defense required - over 18s only obviously.