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  1. Had a fair few PM's regarding it, it's PWL Glock 17 holster, mod issue, fit's TM Glock 17, I've tested it in my stock TM G17, my TM with Guarder slide and the one I have withTM with Guns Modify slide as apparently TM don't fit real steel Glock holsters, this fits like a glove, neither tight or loose, it's a perfect fit. Bought it from my local surplus store for £20, I won't be selling any cheaper. PWL sells them for £37.
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  3. Make: ex army issue. Item: Holster. Condition: used/ issued. Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No thanks. Price/Payment: £15 all in. Pictures:
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  6. PX4 Serpa, Pdi 6.01 inner barrel and Team Gbb steel take down lever. £35 including post and paypal for all . (or will split the holster for £20, inner barrel £20, takedown lever for £7.50).Inner barrel is stainless steel High grade steel version, not a raven one, bottom one in pic 2 . Holster is genuine Blackhawk .Make: Blackhawk, Pdi, Team GbbItem: See above.Condition: All brand new in packaging except don't have the packaging for Serpa, I do have it somewhere but holster is un used.Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Splits yes, rest no.Price/Payment: £35 including post and paypal.Pictures:
  7. King arms Colt python, full metal.Boxed with manual speed loader etc, basically everything that it comes with new. Make: King Arms.Gun/Model: Colt Phython.Condition: Used handful of time in back garden but not skirmished.FPS: Stock.Split/swap/part ex; No to all three.Price/Payment: £85 including post and paypal.
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