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  1. hello, me and my friends are going on a 1.45 road trip upto airsoft cumbria the next game is the 28th this month, but we dont want to just drive all that time and the game is not on etc. i have tryed ringing nick 20+ times this week no answer, he also has no voice mail box, tryed emailing no reply, what should we do.
  2. cheers for the advice m8 but i kings arms are a make, not a supplier?
  3. right i have the money for a new gun i want it to be a m1a1 thomson, which make do i go for though? cyma or kings arms, there is not that many reviews out there for the kings arms but loads for cyma, i am not a tm fan, so its ether kings arms or cyma so fair the differences are. kings arms cost £20 more than cyma king arms comes with no batt or charger but that does not bother me the cyma has a easy blowback mod, but dont know if this can be done with the kings arms one as the hop up is located behind the bolt both come with 1 metal high cap i really dont know which one to buy and i really want to buy one asap any ww2 guys out there who can share there thoughts?? cheers in advance guys.
  4. hi there, well i can tell your a rof guy like me... its truly upto you. i have a kwa m4 system which comes "lipo ready" upto now no problems genrally higher voltage higher rate off fire eg. a 9.6v gives a 15-20% more rate of fire than a 8.4 but decreases your guns life in the long run that little bit faster if you want the rate of fire your gun should be able to handle a 11.1 just it wont live aslong as if you used a 8.4 etc if your confident in fixing any problems that may come up then i say go for it. basically the higher volt = more rof but less life span for the aeg if you think its worth it or are ok with repairing them then i say go for it.
  5. hi, dont buy from them i have bought about 4 guns from them now every one broke like after 400 rounds yes it got me into airsoft but its all low quility overpriced crap.... have you seen how much they charge for bbs its day light robbery. never shop there unless your budget is like £30 even then its unskirmishable and will break as quick as you got it. not to mention the guy makes every gun on the site sound like they are the best in the world. i feel sorry for all the new starters coming into airsoft thinking that that site is a good one =(