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  1. Ha Ha Lets have a heated debaaaaate !
  2. I am with you now, just I have had that many come into me for repair and servicing complaining of poor FPS. Then on inspection I see SH*t loads of PTFE wrapped around the hop unit and inner barrel, you wouldn't believe. I guess the dental floss around the rubber is a good idea, but just test that your nozzle is reaching inside the lips of the Bucking before you do anything. Get the nozzle in its most forward position. Take the inner barrel out and place it over the nozzle. If you feel resistance for the last half mil then it is sealing fine, If not then you can either have a tapet plate which is worn and no longer at a 90 degree angle, hence not pushing the nozzle far enough forward, a worn nozzle or the lips on the bucking worn. To be fair so long as the bucking fits nice and snug inside the Hop Unit, its nice and rounded when you look down it then their is little to none air that can escape
  3. Hate to say this guys but PTFE tape can have the opposite effect and create a poor seal. The inner barrel and hop up unit needs to move backward and forward freely. The spring fitted on hop ups is there for a reason. That being so that the nozzle fits just inside the hop up rubber, when at its forward most position. By fitting PTFE tape to the front of the hop unit. it restricts the movement and creates a gap between the rubber and nozzle
  4. no worries
  5. Hi, it's your hop up bucking. You need to take it apart again, carefully remove the hop up adjuster bar there is a small screw each side then, if you look inside you will see the pressure bar. there should be a pin going through one side of the hop up to the other. Remove the pin, lift out the bar and your hop up bucking sits across, same as the pin. Just make sure the inner barrel is the right way up before fitting it. If you press down inside gently you should feel the rubber inside springy due to the window in the barrel being in the correct position. If you don't and it feels solid you need to turn the inner barrel until it is right. Then reassemble. I have explained as best I can, but you are probably best going on You tube and finding out. Just type in hop up replacement AK74
  6. Just to add to these guys. You are as old as you feel and if you have the mind set to go for it, then you should. The secret to a long good life without the aches and pains is to keep going. I see quite a few senior guys at Frontier and the word Respect goes out to them and to be honest, some of them can run rings around the younger guys. Take Wolf up on his offer!!!
  7. Agreed, Just want to protect our trade, protect the Airsoft/shooting community. Doing Something is better than doing nothing, helps if the people of this world who don't understand us and point blame, at least we can say hang on a minute we have done all we can to prevent the dickheads of this world. I agree if somebody is mind set on killing or maiming they will do it with whatever, but at least the critics cannot say that we are complacent with crime, and are doing something
  8. I get what you mean, but I am pretty sure anything that has an age limit flags up on these machines for a supervisor to assess and confirm the customer is legit. And if they were to steel it, it would set off the alarm as it is tagged. Not failsafe but again preventative. I think doing something, is better than doing nothing, with any such item, but I get your point more people get deliberately run over, than shot or stabbed, as we have seen on the news with terrorist attacks, not to mention domestic cases, drink related cases etc..
  9. Yep we are on the same wave length
  10. I watched a guy on you Tube and he was asked what he would do if he won $500,000? He replied spend it on Cocaine and hookers Ha Ha LOL
  11. Rate of fire sounds low, battery low or if you have worked on it, is it shimmed too tight? As for full Auto on semi, you have a programmable mosfet. Try reprogramming it
  12. Thank you
  13. I agree, you won't stop all of them, but it does make life a little more difficult for them and in a lot of cases does prevent, because a lot of the time, they can't be bothered to keep shopping around drawing attention to themselves if they are planning to commit a crime, also it helps prevent bad publicity to the retailer. We are in a Marmite trade. "Love it or hate it" The Police do come and visit us from time to time and ask us if, we have sold to anyone suspicious, we also have an inspection every 3 years to renew our RFD (registered firearms dealer) We have only had one inspection for renewal 2 years ago, and were praised for our efforts, where other dealers in our area were criticised, and the Police are just waiting for them to trip up, so they can revoke their License. Therefore, bad for them but good for us. we would get more trade and still be able to filter out most of the "wrong uns" Just feel if others followed suit it would protect their trade and would help to prevent (Not stop) crime and safeguard shooting of Airsoft, Air weapons etc.. Had it not been for Frank Bottomley and the guys behind UKARA Airsoft may not be the enormous growing activity that it is today, as it was definitely frowned upon by Parliament. Your details are recorded on a database that can be accessed at anytime. this should surely be the case for air weapons, not just give a name and address without being able to prove it. At the end of the day, an airsoft gun used in crime looks frightening, if used it will hurt, burst an eyeball, chip a tooth yet the law is stringent. A .22 air rifle however can and will Kill, but is easier to buy?? Thanks for your input Similar
  14. I wish more Gun shops would do the same as ours to stop the Dick heads from buying so easily. For Airsoft we follow the "Prove a defence rule as do most legit Airsoft retailors, but for Air Weapons we go above and beyond what the law requires of us. You can only buy one of these weapons off us if you have photo I.D with proof of address which we record on every sale. This can only be a photo driving licence or passport with recent utility bill or other official I.D. We figure that if you are a legitimate buyer, then you will not have a problem in producing this. If you do then alarm bells start ringing and we think "Does this person have something to hide?" We have upset a few customers that were not happy with our policy and one even left a negative review on Google for us stating that he went to another local Gun shop without any of this hassle. Legally All a prospective customer needs to do is prove that they are over 18 and give (not prove) their address, which in our opinion as well as the Police, is open to abuse. A lot of Gun shops just want to get the sale, no matter who buys it. We have had on quite a few occasions, people try to buy an Air Pistol or Rifle, when we have asked them for this I.D they have quite openly said they have a firearms ban, not long come out of prison, want to shoot a neighbour and all sorts of things. We want to protect our trade as well of making a living of course. Opinions on this?
  15. Make: WE Item: TOP SLIDE Desired Condition: GOOD ANY COLOUR NO CRACKS Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: