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    T&D Airsoft parts Faulty Stay Away

    Having spent the last 2 weeks on rectifying problems due to this Manufacturers parts being made incorrectly, lots of headaches, swearing etc.. I thought I would give you the heads up on this. Pistons both metal teeth and Polymer, have been made incorrectly. The teeth are too shallow in both these pistons and although they may work on initial fitting, they soon fail(within hours of use) metal ones end up with distorted teeth and the polymer ones strip teeth. Also M4 alloy nozzles are actually 2mm too short, therefore don't reach the hop. I bought a load of these in from our supplier and I am about to send everything back. having spoken to our suppliers. They have received a number of complaints. These parts are available on Ebay by various suppliers around the country, some have not yet realised that their is a problem. I doubt that they would unwittingly sell them, but would hate anyone to have the 2 weeks that I have had.

    KTW Dongsan M1873 piston cylinder Wanted

    Make: KTW (DONGSAN) Item: CYLINDER M1873 WINCHESTER Desired Condition: GOOD Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: ? Can anyone help with one of these can't get one anywhere?

    New and Two-Toned

    Experienced players. More of a club than a site,but good bunch of guys. Like I said pop into the shop if you like and we will point you in the right direction

    New and Two-Toned

    Hi and welcome from us. We are based in Oldbury. Don't worry about your two tone weapon most have had to start this way. And as for sites just to add to the list, Frontier Airsoft in Penkridge excellent site play every other sunday outdoor site with different theme every week Next game 25th march and Fireball Squadron at Bassetts Pole , is fine I know you were advised against them earlier being Elite, which is true, but we are now affiliated with these. I know Matt there who is one of the Organizers I do his Tech work for him and believe me you would be welcome with open arms as he has personally asked me to point Newbies his way, as he is looking to grow the numbers which at the moment average about 50-60 per game which is the First Saturday of every month. If you would like more info on places pop into the shop we are not far from you and happy to help

    New Job, but there is a catch.....

    Hi, Give High Command a try indoor CQB site in Rowley Regis or if you want an outdoor site Fireball Squadron Bassets pole Sutton Coldfield play on the 1st Saturday of every month. You will have a great time at either. Tell them Targetszone pointed you their way.


    Thanks Duff Hope we can look after you in the future

    Osprey MK4 - Legal?

    It's illegal to have a taxi cab without a bail of hay in the boot, you can shoot a Welsh man on Shrewsbury bridge on a Sunday. These are old laws never updated as for your quotation which does say restrictions not prohibitions . You can sell MkIV Osprey as surplus, It is however frowned upon selling Kevlar and plates for them, as is current issue Respirators and MkVII helmets

    Reducing Gas fps for Mk23 pistol

    Ah! I just presumed it was blowback, now I see the full picture

    Reducing Gas fps for Mk23 pistol

    Wow I am gob smacked that's a lot of power for green Gas

    Reducing Gas fps for Mk23 pistol

    I Think what you are seeing is 420fps with .12g which equates to about 330fps with .20g

    AEG magazine preparation and lubrication

    sounds like a load of crap to me, Not impressed with Taiwan gun, where they offer free downgrades to customers, some of their sales are shocking I have had a few customers that have bought off these had the downgrade and I have had to sort out the mess. Main springs cut and literally rattling about, bolts missing, parts broken, some which appear to be customer returns etc.. I really wouldn't pay much attention to any of their advice. Oil in AEG mags No way. The only thing I would say if you take the spring out and spray with WD40 and wipe it clean, that wouldn't do any harm, but the price of mags who could be bothered ?

    sealing hopup bucking

    Ha Ha Lets have a heated debaaaaate !

    sealing hopup bucking

    I am with you now, just I have had that many come into me for repair and servicing complaining of poor FPS. Then on inspection I see SH*t loads of PTFE wrapped around the hop unit and inner barrel, you wouldn't believe. I guess the dental floss around the rubber is a good idea, but just test that your nozzle is reaching inside the lips of the Bucking before you do anything. Get the nozzle in its most forward position. Take the inner barrel out and place it over the nozzle. If you feel resistance for the last half mil then it is sealing fine, If not then you can either have a tapet plate which is worn and no longer at a 90 degree angle, hence not pushing the nozzle far enough forward, a worn nozzle or the lips on the bucking worn. To be fair so long as the bucking fits nice and snug inside the Hop Unit, its nice and rounded when you look down it then their is little to none air that can escape

    sealing hopup bucking

    Hate to say this guys but PTFE tape can have the opposite effect and create a poor seal. The inner barrel and hop up unit needs to move backward and forward freely. The spring fitted on hop ups is there for a reason. That being so that the nozzle fits just inside the hop up rubber, when at its forward most position. By fitting PTFE tape to the front of the hop unit. it restricts the movement and creates a gap between the rubber and nozzle

    Cyma cm.o45a Problem.

    no worries