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  1. Make: Magpul Item: CTR stock Desired Condition: Any except broken Swaps/Part Exchange: Y/Y let me know what you need i may have something Budget: 25 Hello guys after a Magpul CTR stock with extended butpad drilled out for a Lipo battery, Thanks
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  3. Bump interested in a 416 recoil as well as broken recoils and GBB pistols with mags (TM preferably)
  4. Make: GHK Gun/Model: AK74u Accessories: 6x green gas mags 3x C02 mag (two leak) keymod hand rail has the full travel bolt installed, original bolt. a few odd bits such as a firing pin as well. Condition: used but good external scratches ans a slight dent in the charging handle FPS: 330 Swap for: TM recoils (not 416 or 417) pref a TM CQBR as want to make a BHD style M733 or maybe a high end AEG or gas blow back pistols with mags. Pictures: below more available on request as well as video's At the moment semi is wokring and full auto isnt because a spring has slipped inside i will be repairing this at my next convineince and if a deal is made before i have will reflect this in the deal. Would only split the C02 mags from the bundle Any questions feel free to ask
  5. APB

    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): yes Any other comments: Always really hard to do swaps over forums, however all the way through was very comfortable with their being great communication and all the information and pictures i could ask for. Top bloke and would highly recommend.
  6. got a Tan scar L mate with box been used about twice with 500 rounds through it if interested
  7. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Have done two separate deals one where i was the seller and he was the buyer and vis versa. Always had great communication and been a pleasure to deal with on both occasions. Like this
  8. Overall rating (1 - 10):10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No):yes Any other comments: Very prompt delivery and great communication
  9. Hello guys, I recently acquired two CA MK16's and both of them within the space of one use have stopped working. I have not yet opened them up to see internally but i had heard from a few people there is a problem with the motor plate, is this a problem anyone else has encountered? I can hear something engaging when the battery is in and the motor starts to get warm as well as the battery very quickly. Is this the gearbox being stuck/motor not engaged causing the heat build up or could there be a fault in the wiring? Thanks
  10. 130 all in or will swap for 1911 mags and TM hicapa pistol and/or mags
  11. Make: GHK Item: AK mags Condition: Like new about 50 rounds through each Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Y/Y/Y Price/Payment: £55 each + postage or all three for £150 + postage ono Pictures: see below Interested in a part exchange and swaps for: PTW PTS Pmags in tan Touch pad torch TM hicapa magsStarter AEG package Anyhthing else you can try me Thanks, John
  12. Make: Systema Item: black Cylinder approx 350 fps Condition: used but good Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Y/Y/Y Price/Payment: £90 Pictures: see below Make: Systema Item: hop and barrel Condition: used but good Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Y/Y/Y Price/Payment: £60 Pictures: see below After: a touch pad torch TM hicapa mags Starter AEG package for a new starter Tan PTS Pmags for systema Anything else is worth a shot! Thanks guys
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  14. Also interested in a GBB mp9 or a "starter AEG package" for a friend of mine getting into airsoft
  15. Bump, Over the last use of this (a game as my systema died) I noticed that the fire selector is a bit sticky and takes a bit to move it sometimes this may be the plate loose on the inside. but unsure. to reflect this i will drop it to £265 + postage and fees Still open to offers on swaps!