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  2. Make: Guarder Gun/Model: M320A1 Accessories: Comes with three gas tight 40rnd grenades and flip-down MP7 style foregrip Condition: New other - (Missing original packaging) Never skirmished, fired three times. FPS: c. 230+ Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £180 posted Pictures: below I am selling my guarded M320a1 Grenade Launcher. It comes with three 40mm grenades and a detachable and flip-down foregrip - no stock or sight. It has never been used in a game and is in pristine condition as I only bought it a month ago. The launcher can be fitted to any picatinny rail under a rifle or used on its own with the foregrip. Total package worth £279 yours for £180 posted The grenades have no leaks and I've cleaned and lubricated all moving parts and valves. Great fun to use, I've fired it once or twice in my garden and then decided it wouldn't fit my play style and hence i am selling it now. Unfortunately I do not have the original packaging but can ensure safe postage. I recommend green gas with the grenades. Paypal would be great, just get in contact, Free Delivery (within UK please). Please do get in touch if you have any questions or offers. Thanks
  3. Make: Gun/Model: Desired Condition: Desired FPS: Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget:
  4. Still for sale??
  5. Still for sale?
  6. Just looking to find some non-leaky WE G36, I've found that 6-8 isn't really enough for longer matches. Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, new here and would really appreciate help, One of my extended mags for my WE G18c is venting all the gas on cocking the gun. On inserting, it vents a tiny bit, then i cock the gun and all of it comes out. I'm using Nuprol 2.0 green gas, so the silicone oil should have lubed the mechanism quite well. I have tested cold and warm, same problem. But i have 3 other mags with which this doesn't happen, so I'm thinking maybe the valve? Any Suggestions? Thanks loads