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  1. I use these myself there not too bad fogging etc goggles&dpPl=1&dpID=41bq1glO14L&ref=plSrch
  2. At Airsoft Workshop mate
  3. I recently got the G&G CM16 WildHog it came installed with ETU & Mosfet priced at £190
  4. Lol
  5. I got my G&G wildhog for £190 and i am happy with it
  6. Its showing 3 users in northern ireland but it just shows me ?
  7. I use the G&G m16 WildHog 13.5" installed with ETU & mosfet and iv a reflex sight on it which makes it all the sweeter, its a hell of a lot better than the Ak47 i started this with, the gun in my opinion is A+ everything about it the way it shoots, the reliability, accuracy, Rof, right down to even the feel of it i couldnt fault it, you do get what you pay for 👍
  8. Im the only 1 in Northern Ireland on it so far lol
  9. Its already growing as we speak lol
  10. Found this
  11. I deffo be interested in getting to any airsoft sites, the one in my town is only on fortnightly so iv a lot of spare time to go to other sites my only problem is that i dont have my own transport so i depend on public, i would be willing to meet up & pay towards fuel for any days to different sites
  12. Iv been wondering the same myself mate been dying to try a few places in england im in ireland but wouldnt have a clue what way to do it either