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  1. Love the simplistic answer, wish I could look at things at a more basic level sometimes :-) thanks again, gonna go for the gspec TM (basically as I can't find the JG anywhere) and the action army trigger set, hop, and then decide on barrel.
  2. Thanks for the advice.... what made you go for the gspec over the pro?
  3. Thanks for that, it seems the strip down and even upgrade process while working on these guns should be a simple-ish task. I think my confusion at the moment is understanding what parts work together and the consequences of marching particular parts. you touched on it in that video which is good....especially around the barrel bore. i listed the parts I was going with in this thread, but have since changed plans to an action army trigger set with piston. I'm sticking with the hop chamber option, but can't decide on a barrel and length. This is also confusing me into wether I go gspec or pro. i was considering gpspec and putting a 6.03-6.05 430mm barrel in but this has come from reading the 100s of threads already out there and getting confused about what's best.
  4. Yeah, definitely! I've found a video where a guy is taking thru a complete action army upgrade on a vsr pro...I'm assuming the gspec is much the same. I'm in two minds about the gspec or pro now. Need to look at the lengths as I like the idea of a supresssor.....also prefer the looks but function must come first
  5. Weird, I asked the question about parts on the uk Facebook page and was advised there that the airsoft pro trigger was stiff....was advised to go with the action army or Laylax set. I'm sure there will be guides on how to fix it.
  6. Thanks, so the 303 would make an easier install. Reading some of the stickies on the airsoftsniper forum, the longer barrel seemed to be more accustom to particular bb weights and power combinations. I may not have read it correctly tho
  7. I've come into a little spare cash and fancy doing a sniper rifle build. I've not long been into airsoft and bought an aeg but fancy something different. I've got other rifles (non airsoft) so thought I'd get a VSR. i was on the look out for a JG but can't find them in stock so need to bite the bullet and get the TM. so far on my list, I have these i about right or way off? Airsoft pro trigger set (trigger, piston, spring and guide) - £80 airsoft pro cylinder and cylinder head - £50 (I can only find the silver version, I'm assuming they are the same as the steel black one.?) action army hop chamber - £45 action army silver streak 6.03 430mm barrel - £38 barrel spacers - not decided yet. - £15? 70' maple leaf bucking - £10-15? Would i need a different suppressor adaptor to accommodate the longer barrel or just widen the stock one? From what I've read, the slightly longer barrel is the right choice rather than sticking with the 300mm?
  8. I will strip it down again and have another look. I'm going to look at getting a stronger spring installed too. Now it's settled around the 305-310 mark, I think the next spring will give me a worthwhile boost.
  9. It's not as bad on semi, however you do notice a flier in every 5-6 shots. Ive been using 0.25s and have done since owning it.....was fine and should be impacted by the weather so much in the garden at that distance? You can see the last but one shot veer 3-4 inches left.....I know what you mean about comparing it to air rifles, but it was so bob on in my first few games that I'm noticing it. Getting feed issues to which is annoying me but may be a mag issue (although it's the mags which cam with the gun)
  10. I've tried to video the 'strays' I'm getting. I'm aiming for the brown spot on the fence in each and you can see it's not as good a stream of shot as you'd expect. It was certainly better than this first few games and those strays obviously veer off more at longer distances,. That fence is 11meters away. At 30yards, those strays are a good couple of feet off target. not the clearest :-(
  11. Cheers, I'm going to take it down to my local rifle range at the weekend and test properly. I had noticed a drop in fps at site before taking things apart to clean....may have been just things settling but it remained the same first 2-3 outings previous,
  12. Yèah, it appeared ok although it's the first time I've had one in my hand. wasnt damaged but was caped in silicon grease.....cleaned the hop a little and left a costing on the bucking too. Cleaned the barrel through too....that resulted in some dirty cloth but looked fine after.
  13. After the clean up. I've run it through a chrono and getting 270-273 on .25s i know getting to 350limit of .2s isn't the be all and end all but it's dropped 15fps since my last outing,. I was at 325-328 on .2s last time out. My current levels suggest 300-310 on .2 which is low?!
  14. Thanks....sorry for the long video, it's why I mentioned skipping to minute 18/19 when the test fire goes on
  15. And for my final paranoid sounds a little thumpy on trigger pulls compared to the one in this breakdown video (18-19mins in)