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  1. I have a TM Mp7 gbb I never really use I brought it last year off a guy on this forum and have used it twice
  2. I've recently brought a LCT Akm took it for its first outing on Sunday the gun shoots great and seems to have decent range, I ordered a high cap with the gun but it didn't seem to feed very well and I would wind the mag and it wouldn't shoot many bbs the mag did seem to feed better the more I used it, is this normal ? I borrowed a cyma mag which fed fine
  3. Out of curiosity what's a Krytac crb mrk 1 with 4 high caps worth ?
  4. Been playing today and although it was ok it just seems OK to me now it doesn't really excite me any more maybe it's because I play the same site I don't know just don't seem to be that interested any more any one else feel like this or do you go through phases
  5. I like the Akm LCT do one to for a little more of you can find one
  6. 4 x 300rd high caps and maybe another 2000rds in pouch will last till lunch then reload
  7. Check out West Midlands Airsoft and Staffordshire Militaria on Facebook west mids has a website
  8. So I'm after a AKM patrol base have the cyma AKM in stock at £199 and fire support have the LCT Akm coming in stock soon at £265 should I get the cyma and do some upgrades if need be or wait for a LCT ?
  9. I like the the look of this Cyma CYMA CM.048M AK47 Airsoft AEG £199 patrol base
  10. So I'm liking the look of a Ak had a look though the forums and people say get a CYMA £200 metal/wood not a bad price don't know much about Cyma real sword gets mentions and LCT/ICS i would like one that looks authentic I'm not interested in sights or any thing so don't need tatical rails is the cyma a happy medium ? With out breaking the bank ? Or are there other to be taken into consideration thanks
  11. How does the T Bar viper sling work ?
  12. So I have a gbb TM mp7 haven't used it much but mess about with it at home I've put a few rounds though it now what parts need to be cleaned and oiled ? First gbb I've owned so don't know how to go about this had a look on YouTube haven't come accords any one stripping on and oiling one any help appreciated
  13. So I got a GoPro session for a hoilday last year and thought it might be good to take it to airsoft some time been looking for a suitable protection mainly for the lense as I don't want it getting shot out any guys have any reqemendations or links for products that will do this with minimal fuss thanks
  14. what I meant was does the the gun come with a m90 Spring as stock, sorry that I don't know the ins and outs of these things I must of mistaken this forum for some where to come to ask for advice from others who know, no need for snide comments when asking for advice and yes before you mention it I did try to google the answer but had no luck and no I don't know the fps's to the different springs, but I guess I won't bother asking in the future as I tire of people just generally been un helpfull
  15. Does any one know what stock Spring comes in the crb mark one it normally chrono's at 290ish I didn't adjust the hop