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  1. So I have a gbb TM mp7 haven't used it much but mess about with it at home I've put a few rounds though it now what parts need to be cleaned and oiled ? First gbb I've owned so don't know how to go about this had a look on YouTube haven't come accords any one stripping on and oiling one any help appreciated
  2. So I got a GoPro session for a hoilday last year and thought it might be good to take it to airsoft some time been looking for a suitable protection mainly for the lense as I don't want it getting shot out any guys have any reqemendations or links for products that will do this with minimal fuss thanks
  3. what I meant was does the the gun come with a m90 Spring as stock, sorry that I don't know the ins and outs of these things I must of mistaken this forum for some where to come to ask for advice from others who know, no need for snide comments when asking for advice and yes before you mention it I did try to google the answer but had no luck and no I don't know the fps's to the different springs, but I guess I won't bother asking in the future as I tire of people just generally been un helpfull
  4. Does any one know what stock Spring comes in the crb mark one it normally chrono's at 290ish I didn't adjust the hop
  5. Thanks mate for your info, I've just checked the packaging definitely a m100 but maybe like you said could be labelled wrong, Don't see the problem with buying things off eBay as long as it's a reliable seller, but thanks for your input it's appreciated
  6. Is I got a m100 lonex Spring off eBay swapped it out with my stock Spring which was shooting 297ish and I guesses the m100 would push it up to 340-340 I don't have a chrono and went to a game today and it came in at 387 do you guys they maybe sent me a m110 Spring by accident or is that the fps a m100 would take it to in a Krytac ?
  7. Does any one run a battle belt with m4 mag pouches instead of chest rigs or vests I have a chest rig and find it a bit cumbersome was thinking a belt might be a better set up if I'm just running around with my m4 and 4 high caps ??? I only play woodland any opinions are help full thanks Does any one know of any cheap belts with pouches ?
  8. Swapped the spring out with not many issues which got my thinking if I swapped the motor out to a 30k and ran a 11v lipo wouldn't it be a beast ? Is this possible
  9. <strong>Make:</strong> <br><strong>Item:</strong> <br><strong>Desired Condition:</strong> <br><strong>Swaps/Part Exchange:</strong> <br><strong>Budget:</strong> After a silencer for my TM any one got any for sale ?
  10. Came across this website they have custom guns lee Enfield vsr compatible etc any one know any thing about this company and there products would love a bolt action
  11. What tools do I need screw driver etc size Allan key ?
  12. I shot the real thing a few days ago
  13. I brought a lonex M100 Spring for my Krytac crb mark 1 as most of us know you have to strip the hole gun to swap out the spring my question is do you think a inexperienced person with the right tools would be able to do this I've took apart gas mags and repaired them my self I am a carpenter by trade so understand construction elements more so then most people thanks
  14. So went to my first CQB game last weekend got a TM mp7 gbb, happy with my new gun great fun to use and great for cornering but just could not get on with the CQB environment didn't like to short engagement ranges to dark to tell between my team and the enemy just ended up getting shot by my own team and spawn die spawn die situation, better when got into a opening but just didn't enjoy if and found my self getting frustrated with it, I prefer the woodland games medium engagement range and can medic back in more team oriented and team work, any one else not found of CQB ?
  15. So got my self a TM mp7 gbb of here second hand Just wondering what gas I should use green ? Or abbey ultra ? Is there any particular things I need to keep a eye on maintained wise ? There is square o ring inside the magazine which stops the gas escaping you can buy packs of o rings is this "square" ring in the pack and just gets stretched or is it a different part ? I like the look of a silencer on this gun which is the best fitting silencer no wobble etc good fit Thanks in advance 👍🏻