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  1. Krytac Spring upgrade

    I swapped the spring back to stock once I realised it Was to high
  2. Krytac Spring upgrade

    So my Krytac shoots about 293fps stock I put a guarder m100 Spring in and it took it up to 380fps I now have a sp90 Spring does any one else have this spring installed in a Krytac crb and can confirm the fps before I strip the gun, cheers
  3. Krytac m95 Spring

    Might just take it to a tech to be honest when I can be bothered, yeah stormforce is great
  4. Krytac m95 Spring

    The guy is maybe 2 years old now, how would I check the O ring mate ?, I notice you've got stormforce down as your site, it's also my go to site
  5. Krytac m95 Spring

    0.2 bbs used for chrono
  6. Krytac m95 Spring

    It's allways shot at that fps, when I got the guy that's what they chrono it at too so no problems with air seal etc just a low fps for uk market
  7. Krytac m95 Spring

    So my Krytac mrk 1 shoots about 293fps at the moment I would like it to be more 330 i think ink I need a m95 to closer to the 330 mark is this the case and which Spring should I go for cheers
  8. LCT AKM

    So I brought a Ak a LCT akm to be exact, good gun has long range but I found the LCT high cap a bit of a nuance to wind with gloves on buy cyma ones are better, when I first used it I remember thing this is a long and heavier gun than my Krytac m4 does and one know if you can get a fold stock and retro fit to the existing body with out to much work ?
  9. Magazines for Lct AKM

    Make: LCT Item: mags Desired Condition: working Swaps/Part Exchange: no thanks Budget: 50% less retail after 1 or two cyma high caps for Ak or a drum mag thanks
  10. Pistol mags

    Yeah two 3-4 second burst fill, you can get about 5 full power shots off then fully dies
  11. Pistol mags

    I have a WE flock 18c works fine I have a small mag and a extended mag I find if I fill the mags up at the start of the day say 10!in the morning if I go to use the side arm at say 12 most of the gas has escaped, the mags hold gas when not in use, is this a common thing or do I need to tighten some thing or change a o ring or ptf tape some thing cheers lads
  12. Opinions on TM MP7 GBB

    I have a TM Mp7 gbb I never really use I brought it last year off a guy on this forum and have used it twice
  13. LCT Akm magazines

    I've recently brought a LCT Akm took it for its first outing on Sunday the gun shoots great and seems to have decent range, I ordered a high cap with the gun but it didn't seem to feed very well and I would wind the mag and it wouldn't shoot many bbs the mag did seem to feed better the more I used it, is this normal ? I borrowed a cyma mag which fed fine
  14. Been playing today and although it was ok it just seems OK to me now it doesn't really excite me any more maybe it's because I play the same site I don't know just don't seem to be that interested any more any one else feel like this or do you go through phases
  15. Does anyone recommend the CYMA cm.048 AKM

    I like the Akm LCT do one to for a little more of you can find one