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  1. Make: WE Gun/Model: P229 Accessories: MAGAZINES Condition: USED FPS: UNKNOWN Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: NO Price/Payment: 75 Pictures: WE P229 + 3 Mags Pistol in good working order - although showing signs of wear & tear No 2 mag may need some attention as it sometimes leaks Comes with original box £75 inc Paypal & Postage
  2. Make: ICS Item: Receiver Desired Condition: USED Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: I am after one of the older ICS M4 Receivers with COLT trades Happy to consider spares, repairs, or the whole rifle Thanks
  3. One of my favourites - can you tell! ;-) Anyone watch the SIX series on History recently? - a bit cheesy - but good for gear porn! ;-)
  4. Thanks for the response, I have ordered some shims
  5. Evening all, I have recently fitted a Nuprol Bocca free float rail & would like to support the front end of the barrel like this: Anyone know of any suppliers? I have looked high & low but can only find larger ones which I guess are for Real Steel rifles Thanks Jon
  6. Evening all, I recently purchased a second hand ICS 47, with the intention of taking it apart to learn more about the parts, and then upgrade and rebuild as I go. (I know its going to be a money pit!) http://www.icsbb.com/product/ics-47-cs4-ris-commando/ I would like to replace the current plastic upper & lower with metal versions, so my first question is.... will these work: http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/ics-uk1-m4-metal-upper-receiver-set http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/parts-c8/external-parts-c97/ics-m4-metal-lower-receiver-p2090 Next I would like to replace the current 2 part rail system with a RIS handguard, so something like this? http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/ics-par-mk3-metal-ris-handguard---218mm My concern is if it will work and attach to the new metal upper receiver ok? Any help appreciated! Thanks Jon
  7. Only seem to do a regular leg
  8. I realise this is a very old topic - but I am in the same postion now - so just wondering how you got on with your search? The only ones I can find in a short leg - are Crye!
  9. eBay! Do not pay full price on your first rig - as your are sure to change your mind. I purchased a Bulle vest for £20 I am now looking for a JPC.....just not CRYE! ;-)
  10. Thanks for all the comments guys
  11. Thanks for the response - I fully charged one yesterday to test the gun - will that one be ok to disconnect and store? or do I need to use it a bit more to drain some of the charge?
  12. Morning All, (beware noob questions!) I am not going to be able to a Skirmish for a couple of months now - so I am just wondering what to do with my batteries. Should I disconnect the one in the rifle (G&G Raider) as it wont be in use? or is it safe to stay attached? Is it safer to store any batteries out of harms way? (garage) are they also ok stored in their boxes? Batteries are Nuprol 11.1 Lipo Thanks in advance Jon
  13. I would be interested in some more recommendations for Glasses I wore a pair of ESS goggles today, but they kept fogging up - although I have now removed the foam from inside - so hope this will now sort that problem? Has anyone used these? http://www.amazon.co.uk/amp-SAFETY-GLASSES-AIRSOFT-SHOOTING/dp/B00AFA9N44 Thanks Jon
  14. Thanks for the tips guys, I will check them out this evening!