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  1. rtong

    WE katana feed problem

    Thanks Mike, sorry for the late response. Let me know how the new mags work when you get them, that may be the best solution. I've had the cylinder open to inspect the mechanism and can't see an obvious fix, there is a spring in the nozzle system that I may experiment with. The strength of the nozzle spring seems to govern the speed that the nozzle retreats (the sooner it retreats the more time the bb has to load into the hop chamber). The problem though with making the spring weaker is that this same spring is also used to press the nozzle against the bucking creating an air seal. I think I may start by putting in a braking mosfet to get consistency with the starting position of the sector gear.
  2. Has anyone else had feed issues with their katana? It fires every other bb, there seems nothing random about it it fires then doesn't fires then doesn't very consistently on both semi and full auto. I'm fairly experienced with airsoft mechanics but I find this odd. To me it looks like the timing of the nozzle is out, if it was a mag issues would the problem be so predictable. I've tried two different hop chambers and I was using a fully wound lines mag. Rich