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Primarily UK Army & Armed Police team with an eye towards realism for team & MilSim events. Based out of Special Ops HQ Airsoft, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
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  2. We few at UK-JTF are recruiting new team members over the winter with a view to attend MilSim events in the new year. We are a friendly bunch, who appreciate teamwork to achieve objectives and domination of the field. To apply, DM me your full Discord UserID, and I will invite you to apply/interview Here are the rules for Applying for UK-JTF. If requirements are not met you WILL be removed. Should you fail the interview first time command will speak with each other and possibly grant you a second interview should you want it. Rules are as following: 1. You must be 16 or up to apply for a standard rank but to become an officer you must atleast have a min of 2 years Airsofting with evidence and being 18+. 2. During the interviews you must be able to portray Tactical understanding and an ability for working as a team due to the fact we are very milsim based. We will be fairly critical with the applications. 3. Be prepared to answer a set amount of questions during the interview from either selected officers or NCO’s within the team. 4. Once the application has been vetted and Confirmed you will be expected to either supply us with video evidence of your gameplay so we can get a rough feel for your play style or you get into a game with command in order to be assessed and then moved over to a select team that we deem fit. (See # 6) 5. We are a localised team within the Beds and Herts region crossing over to Buckinghamshire. If you are outside of that area and cannot provide any form of evidence as to how you play or you cannot get to an assessment you will remain within the server should your application be accepted and you will be put on a probation period to provide evidence leaving you with a 3 month deadline. If this is not met your application will be suspended and you will be removed from the server till further notice. 6. Once you have completed all online interviews before you are allocated a team you will be required to atleast play one game with command at special ops HQ the jungle in Milton Keynes not only as a part of assessment but to see where you will be placed within the team dependant on how you fit in with the rest of them. We pride ourselves on being able to remain as professional yet laid back, we can’t allow any issues to slip through. 

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