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Definition of SAW's

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I was listening to a certain american airsoft radio station and they were talking about Squad Assist Weapons (SAW's) i.e M249's MG42's RPK's etc etc and how they should be used and i agree they are miss used in airsoft

The concept of a SAW is to assist your team members by suppressing the contact to allow the flanking team to move easily to take out the contact from the side

But i have seen it my self players trying to run around with a SAW which weighs twice as much as a rifle its not what its made for

The proper way to use a SAW its to hang back and spray any contact you see to keep there head down and move up when your flanking team has taken out the contact

I am not saying everyone running SAW's are doing it wrong and completely fail i am just say if your running a SAW think twice when you go out in the field and you may just give you team the tactical advantage



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The problem is that an M16 can do the job just as well with a high cap. So instead people choose to use SAW's as just big bulky rifles.

The only way I can see people using them properly is to limit anything not a "support weapon" to mid/low caps that way the support gunner can make full use of the massive drum of ammo.

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