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Hints & Tips

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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had some Hint & Tips for breaking in your new stuff may it be Gear,Parts or Guns to help get the best out of them

My Tip comes from my RC car days

When you have a new motor, or you buy a new gun, before you even put it into the gun strap it down to a surface so the motor can freely spin

Then connect it to a low voltage source like a PP3 (the rectangle one with the two connections at the top) and leave it to spin

Basicly what happens is the bushings etc inside get a chance to wear down so it runs smoothly

The result?

A slight RPM incresse and the motor will last longer as well

Has anyone else got anything similer?






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well, always release the springs from the mags after a game and after a game just fire a few shots in semi to release the spring aswell :) this way you wont lose a lot of FPS with the spring being seized for a while.

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