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Gear Loadout

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Well me and group of mates are off to Bravo 22 Southport/Formby on the 15th and I've got *pretty much* everything now.



(click the picture for full size)




Mil-Tec LC2 tacbelt

Alta Tactical Knee/Elbow Pads

Generic Pistol Leg Holster (borrowing a glock for now)

Sturm Mil-Tec Urban Tac Vest

Enola Gaye DPM Gloves

Patrol Boots




SRC M4A1 CQB + 3x D-Boy 300rd Hi Caps

3700mah Vapextech Battery

Trijicon ACOG rep

Mako Magazine Well Grip

TM Glock + 3 Mags

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