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Working on episode 3 of This Week in Airsoft

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Thanks for listening to Ep 2 guys If you missed it or episode 1 you can find them here. The juggernaut that this show is becoming is still on the move. Next week we've got the ACA (Association of Competitive Airsoft) on the mic telling us whats up on the west coast and about their move to the east. Also as a long term project we are looking for players who are Vets of Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom for a study This Week In Airsoft is conducting on the benefits of Airsoft in treating PTSD. Checkout a newly posted editorial written by a combat veteran on being an airsofter, veteran, and PTSD. Here's a quote to give you a feel for it.



" In airsoft I have found what I thought I could never have again. In airsoft I've also found other veterans looking for the same thing. We are all looking to be that great again and release the frustrations of this new life without the military. PTSD doesn't have to be a problem without an answer and in action we can feel better then after any number of therapy sessions."



Guys we are still looking for team and field  photos and videos. Lastly we have a new addition coming soon that allow us to do more when your ops come up, just wait and see whats coming up.


As always we need you and your help to keep the movement going. We are the first true airsoft media for the players by players and will constistantly be here for you. Every two weeks we speak to you guys the This Week in Airsoft army and the ranks are swelling. That's because you're out there spreading the word. So keep recruiting and together This Week in Airsoft will conquer the world.


James “Fringe” B




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