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Beta project midcaps

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After trialing a single beta project pmag (Which worked wonderfully in my vfc scar) i decided to ignore the bad rep and bought a boxset of 5.


However nearlly the whole set (i'd say atleast 4) don't feed correctly and all jam, although i'm annoyed with myself for not listening to the critics i'm livid that a product is allowed to be supplied in such a inconsistent state.


I've tried the normal routine with midcaps to try and break them in but most of the time i can't even get 15 bb's in without the mags jamming. Nearlly every post i see about them all state the jam is the same thing, a BB getting stuck down the side of the follower and after taking the spring out and having a look at the follower for myself i can't believe how much this thing moves around its way too loose!


Does anyone know of a way to get these things to behave? Do shops sell replacement followers so i could just change them out for more reliable ones or anything of the sort?



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