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Shock And Awe Airsoft

Safety Brief

This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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Face Protection:

- Face protection is to be worn at all times, only exception to this is in the Safe Zone. Any infractions of this rule will be dealt with instantly and will result in instant dismissal from the site

- If you are fogged up and can not see try to call over a marshall or tell a fellow player you need a marshall. They will help you out the best and safest way they can.


Field FPS Limits

These limits are tested with .20 gram BB. Guns will be chrono’d before game and throughout the day.

- Aeg/Gas Weapons: 350 MAX FPS

- Sniper Rifles: 500fps MAX FPS min engagement 30 metres

- No exception to these rules is permitted as anything over these set limits is now classed as a firearm.

Bang Rule – There is no bang rule, any close combat should be a single shot or short burst


Physical Contact

- Knife Kills are allowed. Only rubber knives are allowed in the gaming areas, no exceptions. If you are executing a player, either place your knife onto the player and say knife kill, or place your hand on there shoulder and say knife kill.

- There is in no way any real knives allowed on the field. If you are caught with a knife you will be out for the day and happens again there will be a suspension. Multi-tools are the exception to this rule, though if you need a knife in the interest of safety then please call a marshall.

- There will be no abusive physical contact. If any should occur it will result in the suspension or expulsion of the players involved. There will be no hesitation in calling the police as well.


Hits and Swearing

- Airsoft is a game of honesty and remember it is a GAME! We do not promote nor allow cheating or cheat calling.

- When you are hit your hand goes up and you shout "HIT ". You will walk to your respective re-spawn IMMEDIATELY unless a marshall has told you differently.

- If a marshall sees you get blatantly hit and you do not call hit, you will be told to go to re-spawn. The marshals word is final!!

- Dead men/women DON'T talk. If you are hit call it and go to your re-spawn without talking to live players about where or how you got hit. Anyone seen doing this will be sin binned, repeat offenders will be asked to leave site.

- When taken out by a knife put your gun up and walk to your respawn. Be courteous to the people who were able to sneak up and get you. Do not give away their position.

- Bad language is tolerated, but should not be directed at any other player. Anyone found swearing at another player will be sin binned, any repeat offenders will be asked to leave site.


- Marshalls are there for your safety. Respect their calls, do not argue or question them on the field if you have an issue bring it to management to have it worked out off of the field. There may be a number of ‘In Game’ marshals and will produce a marshal card if you are needed to be dealt with or there is a safety issue. A MARSHALLS WORD IS FINAL!

Wild Life

- There is wild life on the field (Pheasant, deer, Lee Greenough, Etc.) If you are seen shooting or harming any wild animal you WILL be expelled from the field for good. We are armed, they are not.




Blind Firing

- There is NO blind firing at all on the field. If you are caught you will be sin binned, repeat offenders will be asked to leave. Blind firing is when you shoot your gun without seeing where you are shooting, this includes sticking your gun around corners, over or through cover or any other non aimed shot.




- Pyro is allowed and is available on site. Only Shock and Awe approved pyro is to be used, if you are unsure what is allowed to be used, please see a Marshall. If you intend to use pyro at Shock And Awe please get a marshall to inspect it before game on. NO HOME MADE PYRO AT ANY TIME, ANYONE FOUND USING HOME MADE PYRO WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE.

Player Pyro Limit

- Pea Grenades, throwable Mk5, Mk5 electric, 9mm blanks and smoke grenades.

- Any pyro thrown is the responsibility of that player, please keep an eye on smoke grenades, as they can catch fire.


Site Pyro


We do have in game pyro most of the time, it will be marked clearly with ‘Danger Pyro’ safety tape. This is to be well left alone. If it aint yours, don’t touch it!! Any pyro labelled in this way that is detonated by anyone other than Shock And Awe staff/marshall, will be asked to leave site immediately!

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.
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