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here is a little about what I do

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Hello and good day to you .. good to be a part of your fourm. You can call Me Ditch. I am a Airsoft video producer from Wisconsin. I have been around these games starting in 94 and have seen games all across the states. from behind the barrel and behind the counter. and now behind the camera and have alaways had an interest in recording editing and shareing. the internet has provided me with an opprtunity to share my videos..

You are my Audience im absolutely sure you will all enjoy my Airsoft videos.

Friend me on facebook. follow me on twitter subscribe to ditchpigs1 you tube. I have room for you in my google+ circle...search ditchpigs1. send me a video. keep your goggles on and keep a battery charged and Im sure you will enjoy. The games and the videos get better and better. Thank you for your time and views

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