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February 11th - Play for £10

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Hi Guys


As you may know Skirmish Airsoft is now back up and running in Nottingham and we had our kick off date on Sunday 29th.


We are back up this weekend Saturday 11th February and the deals are on.


Yes we are still offering all players that play this weekend free membership to Skirmish Nottingham. This exclusive membership will give you priority invite to any satellite games we run around the country and also night games that we plan to run. Also, a minimum off 2 free games throughout the year and of course £5 discount off any of our walk on fees


Also for this weekend we are offering another great deal. If you hold valid membership to ANY UK site then on Saturday 11th we will let you play at Skirmish Nottingham for only £10 as a walk on.


So let's get this right, for only £10 this weekend you are getting a days play, annual membership with all of those perks and if you turn up we will even give you something to go home with for your next visit. What I hear you ask, well come and play and find out.


You can book in via www.airsoft-mansfield.co.uk, don't worry there is no deposit taken, it's just so we know numbers, or simply sign up to our forum www.skirmishairsoft.co.uk/forum and stick your name on the list. Remember it's not a definitive list, at this point we are nothing adding people booked in over the phone, it's just an easy way for you to let us know your coming.


Hope to see you Saturday



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