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AAP01 Semi/auto issue

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Evening all. I’m after a bit of advice. I have a HPA’d AAP01. Not many mods: Waldo customs nozzle spring, Waldo recoil spring, short stroke kit (removed for now) and cowcow full hammer set. 

a few weeks ago it started playing up and every 4th or 5th shot on semi it would do a near full auto burst. It then stopped working when part of the original hammer broke hence the new hammer set. 

with the new set fitted it is still doing the full auto bursts on semi. I’ve checked everything I can think of so be very grateful for any advice or checks that I can do to try and resolve this. 

many thanks



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Reduce your PSI on your HPA tank to 80-85psi. 


No idea what is happening internally, but after upgrading the hammer set, as well as including recoil/nozzle block spring upgrades, the gun operates weirdly above 85psi.


I think it may have to do with the CowCow hammer set being made specifically for the G18C and not the AAP, so while it works, it is finicky.


You should get around 250-285fps with this psi. 


If your fps is too low at this psi, upgrade your nozzle, piston head, and bucking. 

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